ONEPOINT Projects Introduces Hybrid Program Management and Multiple Project Pipelines

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Version 19.2 improves agile and hybrid project management as well as cost controlling.

ONEPOINT Projects launched version 19.2 of its project and portfolio management (PPM) software solution, introducing major agile and hybrid PPM improvements. The new release also supports multiple project pipelines with different pipeline stages, improving adaptivity across separate business units. In addition, it simplifies controlling by removing proceeds and margins from cost plan/actual comparisons and transferring them to a new "cashflow"-view.

Hybrid Programs and Agile Improvements

With the new release, project managers can take advantage of hybrid program management by integrating agile projects as sub-projects into traditional programs. For example, managers can now run agile IT projects as part of a hybrid program, thus leveraging traditional tools such as milestones and dependencies on the program level.

Version 19.2 of ONEPOINT Projects also introduces a range of visualization improvements for agile project management. The dashboard for agile projects includes new widgets such as story status, burndown, and effort plan/actual charts. Moreover, Kanban boards visualize the priority of an activity, and to-do-types are displayed in the form of icons for better differentiation. In addition, the sprint board now allows the creation of new stories directly from the board. The latest version also introduces templates for agile projects, including support for epics, stories, risks, and more.

ScreenshotDashboard Figure 1: Agile Dashboard

Multiple Pipelines for Individual Business Processes

"Many of our larger customers use our software solution in different departments and project management offices (PMOs), requiring individual project pipelines," explains Gerald Aquila, Founder & CEO of ONEPOINT Projects. "With this release, our customers can create multiple project pipelines with different stages that get automatically aggregated into a single main pipeline."

Multiple pipelines allow PMOs and departments with different project management approaches to manage projects according to their individual needs. For example, departments such as purchasing, marketing, sales, or research & development can work with their own project pipeline. Naturally, management continues to get an overview across all projects in one main pipeline.

Cashflow View for Enhanced Controlling

To simplify controlling, ONEPOINT Projects removes metrics like proceeds and margins from the cost plan/actual comparison. In parallel, the software provider introduces a separate "cashflow" controlling view that focuses on these metrics. Thus, the "cashflow" view sums up all proceeds of a program, subtracts the costs from it, and finally displays the margin in the total line below the table.

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