ONEPOINT Projects 18 Introduces Easy-to-Use Scenario Planning for Project Portfolios

New Release Provides 100+ New Features Including Kanban Boards and a Confluence Connector

With version 18, ONEPOINT Projects takes its leading hybrid project and portfolio management (PPM) solution to the next level by introducing easy-to-use scenario planning and further optimizing its portfolio management capabilities. Other key features include Kanban boards for to-dos and work packages as well as a brand-new integration with Atlassian's Confluence.

Project Portfolio & Scenario Planning

ONEPOINT is well known for providing a truly seamless integration between project and resource management enabling project and team managers to view real-time resource utilization and demand analysis anytime with the press of a button. By adding scenario planning on the portfolio level, anyone can now create and analyze resource allocation, utilization and demand scenarios simply via drag & drop. Users can move projects in time as well as hide projects for each scenario; multiple what-if scenarios can be reviewed in parallel - providing a simple but powerful approach to optimizing resource allocation.

General improvements in the portfolio management area include a next generation portfolio dashboard with a stronger focus on KPIs and qualitative analysis. Furthermore, a new tab "KPIs" provides a clear, graphical overview of all relevant portfolio-level metrics such as total effort and costs, average profit margin, Scheduled Performance Index (SPI), or Cost Performance Index (CPI). Other improvements include a configurable real-time project list with multiple view types and risk classification on the project level.

Kanban Boards

The new release also brings Kanban boards to ONEPOINT's PPM solution, making it easier to visually track the progress of to-dos, work packages and milestones. Kanban boards are available both on the project level and in the personalized "My Work" area of each user.

All Kanban boards are interactive in a way that users can update the progress of to-dos, work packages and milestones simply via drag & drop. Also time and cost tracking is possible directly from activity-based Kanban boards.

Confluence Connector

After successful integrations with Jira and Crowd, a Confluence Connector Option was a logical next step. The new connector allows users to embed real-time PPM views in their Confluence pages via special macros supplied by ONEPOINT. This first version of the Confluence Connector supports project pipeline, work breakdown structure (WBS) and schedule (Gantt) views.

Additional Improvements

Additional improvements include streamlined project charter and closure reports that are optimized for out-of-the-box usage, as well as a redesigned WBS visualization. Atlassian users will also welcome additional optimizations of our bidirectional Jira Connector such as support for custom field syncing, or more dynamic handling of changes to issue title and description fields.

ONEPOINT Projects 18 is now available from as a free 30-day trial for both cloud and server (on-premise) deployment. ONEPOINT Projects 18 Group Server is available for download at no charge for up to 4 users. For more information about the new release or for inquiries about enterprise licensing and pricing, please contact our sales team via

About ONEPOINT Projects

ONEPOINT Projects is the leading provider of easy-to-use, hybrid project and portfolio management solutions for innovative small and medium-sized project organizations. Unlike traditional PPM software, ONEPOINT Projects integrates simple, traditional, agile and Jira projects into a single project portfolio and resource utilization database. ONEPOINT enables project-oriented organizations to increase project and portfolio transparency, shorten project lead times, automate best practices and optimize resource utilization. By building on open standards and technologies, providing both cloud-based/SaaS and on-premise installations and with its strategic focus on making PM systems easy to deploy, ONEPOINT redefines ROI for project management solutions.

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