ONEPOINT Projects — Now Certified for Jira Data Center in Atlassian’s Marketplace


Jira Data Center

Check out our ONEPOINT Projects Integration for Jira Data Center in Atlassian's Marketplace

We are happy to announce that our software solution ONEPOINT Projects, was approved for Jira Data Center in Atlassian’s Marketplace. Thus, our customers will be able to use Jira Connector in Data Center to be fit for the future.

Jira Data Center — ONEPOINT has got you covered

Atlassian has confirmed the discontinuation of all their Jira Server products and switch everything to cloud services in the future. The support for active contracts will last until 2024.

Since many of our large customers that use our Jira Connector are likely to move to Data Center, we have already made arrangements for them: ONEPOINT has just been certified for Jira Data Center. Therefore, we ensure that customers can continue using our Jira Connector, regardless of whether they are on Cloud or Data Center.

ONEPOINT's goal has always been to create future-proof software solutions that can adapt to changes quickly. This surprising move by Atlassian shows once again that we are capable of living up to our promises.

Jira Connector — ONEPOINT hooks you up

A bidirectional connection between ONEPOINT and Jira ensures that your data is always up to date in both applications. There are no issues with double data entries — this will save you time and bring your project and portfolio management (PPM) to the next level. Our software is designed to combine your Jira projects with hybrid PPM most advantageously.

Our connector enhances your project management by integrating functionalities like resource management or strategic portfolio analysis, including clear dashboards for your Jira. Project managers can control agile, traditional, and Jira projects in ONEPOINT Projects and get a clear overview while the project team can still work in Jira as usual.

Resource Demand Planningl Figure 1: Resource Demand Planning in Jira

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