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We participate in the initiative "Digital Team Austria" and provide small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with our software free of charge for the coming months

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home became essential not just in Austria but all over the world. Businesses suddenly had to switch from regular office work to home office. These changes have led to technical difficulties companies had to overcome as fast as possible.

The initiative "Digital Team Austria" has been launched to help SMEs overcoming technical challenges. Several companies from all across the digital spectrum offer free services, thus assisting businesses to get started successfully with their employees working from home during these challenging times.

By participating in this governmental effort, we intend to support the implementation of project and portfolio management from home. You can find more information about this service and all involved companies at "Digital Austria".

Naturally, project management is also affected by the Corona crisis. Projects are standing still or developing slowly due to changes in the work environment.

With our 100% web-based, hybrid project and portfolio management solution, we offer the possibility to use our software via cloud and onpremise. In addition, we enable holistic project management by covering the whole project life cycle. Thus, projects and portfolios can be worked on online, giving companies the opportunity to work more independently from anywhere they want.

Our software, ONEPOINT Projects, can be used free of charge and without commitment for at least three months until the end of February 2021. Check out ONEPOINT’s features and solutions on our website and benefit from our hybrid project and portfolio management solutions from your home offices.

Get started now and send an email with the subject "digital team" at You will then receive more detailed information.

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