10 Steps to Set up a Successful and Sustainable PMO


10 Steps to a PMO

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10 Steps to Set up a Successful and Sustainable PMO

ONEPOINT, together with PMCC Consulting GmbH, has just published an in-depth whitepaper with ten practical tips for project management offices (PMO).

Implementing a successful and sustainable PMO can be a big task but provides excellent benefits if implemented correctly. This latest whitepaper helps you to set up a PMO that fits your organization's needs, aligns with your business goals, and is designed to outlast major organizational changes.

ONEPOINT Projects and PMCC Consulting GmbH developed ten comprehensive steps to help you set up a PMO that fits your needs.

This whitepaper helps decide on your type of PMO, how to include agile and traditional/waterfall projects, how to focus on quick wins, and much more. Interested?


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