Every project organization starts small and with spreadsheets. But over time the projects start piling up and the number of dependencies and resources to juggle explodes. ONEPOINT Projects provides you with a uniquely simple and flexible project management software to building a world-class projectmanagement office that puts you back into charge.


What if you could configure a full-featured PPM solution in a single workshop day? What if you could standardize all your projects - including agile projects - on the same management reporting standards? Imagine you could also easily prioritize project portfolios on criteria such as importance and urgency! Say you could even manage your company’s strategic vision, goals, and initiatives and control the progress of all strategic projects using a single management dashboard? Introducing ONEPOINT Projects, the uniquely fast and easy project management software to building a successful PMO that lasts.

Building a visionary company requires one percent vision and 99 percent alignment.

Jim Collins & Jerry Porras


  • Competitive advantage through faster and more informed decisions due to a uniquely clear overview across all projects
  • Cost savings due to less administrative overhead because of standardization, lessons learned and best practices
  • Increased shareholder value through ensuring resource allocation according to strategic goals and initiatives
  • Accelerated and sustainable growth through more transparency and better risk mitigation

project chart


Key Features

  • Clear overview across all types of projects in a central portfolio dashboard, project list and pipeline
  • Portfolio analysis with custom top-down and calculated criteria including scoring models and bubble charts
  • Easy, traffic-light based status reporting, management dashboards, and highly flexible reporting capabilities
  • Optional strategic management dashboard with prioritized goals and initiatives linked directly to current projects and programs
  • Online project management tool, location-independent and alway up to date

Ready for the next step?

ONEPOINT Projects is the first 100% web-based, fully-integrated project and portfolio management solution that does not force you to compromise between usability and deploying a "real" PPM solution. Interested?

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