ONEPOINT’s Strategic Management Option allows top management to plan, communicate, and control their strategic vision. You can then break this vision down into goals and initiatives, and implement these by linking them to one or more strategic projects. Thus, making it possible to directly connect strategy to project execution and reduce barriers to strategy implementation.

  • Maximize management impact by consistently aligning all resources to your strategy through clear communication of a single vision, prioritized goals and strategic initiatives

  • Minimize organizational risk through ongoing controlling of initiatives status and progress as well as real-time status aggregation based on linked strategic projects

  • Realize new profits faster by communicating changes more quickly and making success of strategic initiatives measurable and reportable

  • Cut change management costs due to faster changes through clear focus on projects linked to strategic initiatives and goals




  • Clear dashboard visualization of your organization’s vision, strategic goals, and initiatives
  • Planning of your organization’s strategy based on vision, prioritized goals, and initiatives
  • Seamlessly integrated strategic controlling with goal completion, progress, and traffic light status
  • Automatically aggregated status traffic lights for initiatives based on linked projects
  • Goal completion chart based on actual progress of strategic projects and initiatives
  • Graphical initiatives pipeline for quick visualization of strategy implementation progress


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