ONEPOINT’s Status Reporting Option provides a fast and effective way of ensuring regular project status reporting. Management reporting is facilitated via a traffic lights-based status overview and IPMA-compliant, printable PDF reports such as project charter and project status.

  • Ensure fast and effective project status reporting through access to up-to-date project information via a centralized, digital and revision-safe project handbook

  • Optimize management decisions through timely status updates supported by configurable status reporting intervals

  • Improve overall control of project progress through fast reactions to potential issues and high transparency of detailed project status

  • Reduce costs and administrative efforts for project managers through faster status report generation based on already existing plan, actual and progress information




  • Revision-safe and integrated IPMA-compliant management of the project handbook in a central project repository
  • Creating document-style IPMA standard reports including project charter, work instruction, project progress and project closure
  • Quick documentation of project status including traffic light comments, general status information, milestone comments and trend analysis for each reporting interval
  • Clear portfolio status overviews based on traffic lights and project pipeline
  • Automatic, half-automatic and manual traffic lights that are easily configurable
  • Flexible status reporting intervals per project type