ONEPOINT’s Stakeholder Analysis Option allows for revision-safe stakeholder management with respective measures to ensure a sustainable and positive relationship with your project stakeholders. The controlling component provides a visual stakeholder analysis based on power, interest and attitude.

  • Identify, document and analyze your key project influencers and opponents by performing a stakeholder analysis and effectively manage their interests by implementing respective measures

  • Prevent additional project costs through a holistic and systematic approach by recording all factors influencing the project supported by a clear visualization of your stakeholder environment

  • Perform quick prioritization through interactive stakeholder engagement planning while optimizing communication with stakeholders by facilitating fast responses to their needs and interests

  • Ensure project success by constantly monitoring the stakeholder environment and modifying your stakeholder plan and measures to ensure continuous alignment and improvement




  • Revision-safe stakeholder engagement planning including stakeholder name, responsibility, power, interest and attitude
  • Definition of stakeholder measures with responsibility and optional due dates
  • Optional linking of phases, work packages, or milestones to stakeholders and measures
  • Easy controlling of measure status
  • Three-dimensional stakeholder analysis based on power, interest and attitude
  • Optional configuration of stakeholder traffic light for overviews and status reporting