ONEPOINT’s Program Management Option allows you to plan and manage large, complex projects and dependencies between related projects easily. Splitting projects into sub-projects and to distribute responsibilities across multiple project managers is supported. Each sub-project manager can then decide which activities are visible in the overall program plan.

  • Support the overall strategic goals and vision of your organization by using the program as a centralized coordination point and focus on managing related projects contributing to the vision

  • Reduce costs and time to project by improved management of project interdependencies through utilizing synergies and transparent communication within the program

  • Reduce risks and impacts by dividing responsibilities across multiple project managers and benefit from more transparency through interlinking activities between program and sub-projects

  • Effectively manage resources within a program through easier prioritizing activities and react flexibly by moving resources accordingly when changes in demand occur




  • Splitting large complex projects into a number of related sub-projects and dividing responsibilities across multiple project managers
  • Adding a sub-project automatically creates a program
  • Interlinking dependencies of activities between sub-projects and the program
  • Automatically aggregated data from sub-project to program level
  • Status report filing for both, the program and sub-project levels, and overall cost and progress tracking with version-controlled program plans
  • Including sub-projects to multiple programs and linking programs as sub-projects to other programs