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How ZĂĽrich Versicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft manages complex programs and processes with ONEPOINT Projects.

ZĂĽrich Versicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft (Zurich Ă–sterreich) is one of the leading insurance companies in Austria and part of the globally active Zurich Insurance Group. With more than 1,300 employees across Austria, the company manages a variety of programs and projects. These include organizational and product development projects as well as projects with Zurich Insurance Group.

As a forward-looking company, Zurich Ă–sterreich strives to adapt to new businesses and dynamic market changes. Therefore, topics such as digital transformation or business transformation play a significant role for them.

  • Single point of truth — with clear portfolio dashboards and customizable templates for documents such as project charter, project closure, and status reports.

  • Increased planning accuracy — of programs and a better understanding of processes and projects for employees.

  • Real-time reporting — and status traffic lights help the insurance company to get an overview of complex programs.

  • Accurate time tracking — for 300 users with detailed time tracking reports for management.


With the company's growth, the requirements regarding project portfolio management have also risen. Zurich Ă–sterreich is highly developed in terms of processes and is deeply rooted in a numerical world full of complex mechanisms. Controlling processes are challenging, and precision is paramount. The insurance company requires precise planning and visualization of data such as resources, costs, and time tracking.

The previously used application for storing project metrics could no longer sufficiently map the complexity of the programs and portfolios. Therefore, in 2019, Zurich Ă–sterreich was looking for a suitable project portfolio management solution that met both process and methodological requirements.


In search of software that could meet the high demands, the insurance company evaluated several providers. Karl Suppin, Head of Project & Project Portfolio Management, immediately thought that ONEPOINT Projects could do more than project and portfolio management. He was especially convinced by the extensive use of the tool for topics such as cross-charging of orders or the execution of cost planning.

After a six-month test phase, the insurance company implemented ONEPOINT Projects. As a result, Zurich Ă–sterreich mastered technical challenges, among other things, with the help of training performed by ONEPOINT and URprior.

Today, more than 400 people are working with ONEPOINT Projects, and the easy onboarding process helps them quickly learn their way around the software and better understand project workflows.

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Zurich Ă–sterreich runs accurate project time entries in ONEPOINT Projects with more than 300 time-tracking users. Thereby the software helps the management get an overview of the time entries of a project. Likewise, the insurance company quickly recognizes what has already been accomplished through time-tracking reports.

The close integration of project management standards and processes is one of the greatest strengths of ONEPOINT Projects for Zurich Ă–sterreich. Templates like project charter or project closure are now created, signed, and stored with the push of a button. The users appreciate the single point of truth of the software, which ensures the correctness and topicality of templates for all users.


The insurance company uses "alerting tools," such as status reports and status traffic lights of ONEPOINT Projects, for their larger programs. Creating customizable status reports is an essential controlling feature and provides the management with a clear overview. Furthermore, ONEPOINT Projects is able to manage the challenging controlling processes and to ensure the precision of figures, e.g., degree of completion or hourly costs.

ONEPOINT Projects contributes to higher planning accuracy at Zurich Ă–sterreich and helps employees to understand processes better. Moreover, transparency in project portfolio management and clear portfolio dashboards support management to get an overview of project portfolios.

With ONEPOINT Projects, Zurich Ă–sterreich has found a project and portfolio management software that supports them in methodological and procedural matters. Thus, the insurance company will be able to master large programs and transformation topics in the future.


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