Why are so many companies sticking to spreadsheets for project and resource management for such a long time? Maybe because there is no easy way to do lightweight standards-based project management in the cloud, or rather, was: ONEPOINT's lean project management was solely invented to solve this problem.


Imagine you could do lightweight project management just as you did with your spreadsheets, but in a central, secure, web-based cloud application! What if you could also do resource planning as easy as before on the project-level without having to create complex project plans, but get instant, real-time graphical resource utilization and demand charts? You want to go one step further and also do traffic-lights based status reporting? No problem: introducing ONEPOINT Projects, the hybrid PPM solution that takes you forward without adding unnecessary complexity.

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.

Hans Hofmann


  • Cost savings due to avoidance of duplicate work through a central, always up-to-date list of all active projects
  • Increased competitiveness due to better resource utilization through optimized resource allocation across projects
  • Decrease project risk due to up-to-date plan/actual comparisons and forecasts based on integrated time and cost tracking
  • Move faster due to quicker and more informed decisions based on clear, real-time dashboards and configurable reports

project chart


Key features

  • Lightweight, standards-based project management supporting all common PM standards including PMI, IPMA, and PRINCE2
  • Simplified project planning based on simple, spreadsheet-like resource and cost overviews, to-dos and meeting agendas
  • Automatic, clear multi-project and resource overviews including portfolio dashboard, project pipeline, as well as resource allocation, utilization and demand charts
  • Future-proof and scalable with optional modules from status reporting, over portfolio analysis to strategic management

Ready for the next step?

ONEPOINT Projects is the first 100% web-based, fully-integrated project and portfolio management solution that does not force you to compromise between usability and deploying a "real" PPM solution. Interested?

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