New ONEPOINT 360 App, Online Documentation, and Much More

No. 63 (Winter '20)

Editorial New ONEPOINT 360 App, Online Documentation, and Much More…
ONEPOINT 360: The Next Generation of Portfolio Dashboard Apps Portfolio Navigation, More Detailed Overviews, Project Charter, ……
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Dear Readers,

A challenging year for us all is coming to an end. But every challenge provides opportunities, and we firmly believe that we have made the best of it to start into the next year stronger than ever before.

This said, we have finally launched the first of our new generation of mobile apps: the new ONEPOINT 360 portfolio dashboard app. We have also done a lot of behind-the-scenes work, which will provide the foundation for a great product line-up in the new year. We will kick off 2021 by taking our agile planning and controlling features to a new level.

Finally, all good things must come to an end: this is probably the last time that I am writing this kind of editorial as we transition to an all-new, more modern format for our newsletter, starting with the next issue. Already looking forward to it, as change is always good! :-)

Best Regards & Happy Holidays,

Gerald Founder & CEO


PS: If you missed our virtual booth at PM Welt @home on December 8, there are two more dates when you can attend: January 19 and February 23.

ONEPOINT 360: The Next Generation of Portfolio Dashboard Apps

We have just released a major update for our offline-capable project portfolio dashboard app on Android and iOS. The ONEPOINT 360 app now supports more detailed overviews, portfolio navigation, project charter, and more.

Portfolio Navigation and Detailed Insights

The new app version enables the navigation between different portfolios, allowing for faster and clearer access to detailed portfolio information. This includes a more complete dashboard, improved project lists, project pipeline, multi-project schedule, and KPIs (if activated) on portfolio level. Also, we will extend the “Analyze” view in one of the next updates.

Project Charter and New User Interface Technology

You can now access more details on project level, such as goals and non-goals, main tasks, resources, costs, and the project team. The app is based on our next-generation user interface technology, providing early insights into our future web user interface.


Due to the previously mentioned change in user interface technology, we had to develop a new app rather than just deliver an update. The new ONEPOINT 360 app is available immediately and can be downloaded from the Android Playstore and iOS Appstore, respectively. The dashboard app uses ONEPOINT’s latest GraphQL-based APIs and requires at least ONEPOINT Projects Server 19.1 when using on-premise deployment.

Read our latest Press Release for more insights on ONEPOINT 360.

ONEPOINT Is Now Listed at SourceForge

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Learn More about Successful Project Management

Our blog PROJECTSuccess introduces upcoming content on key tools, methods, and instruments to manage projects more successfully. Just recently, we published two blog articles on agile transformation:

Online Documentation in German

With ONEPOINT Projects 19, we also launched our new context-sensitive online documentation in German. Our cloud servers have already been updated to include the latest documentation. If you are using ONEPOINT Projects Server, you will have to update to the latest version ( that we have just delivered to our support customers.


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