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Dear Readers,

Atlassian has just confirmed that they will discontinue their Server product lines as a next logical step on their journey to becoming a dedicated cloud-first company. Almost immediately, some of our customers called us and asked if we would maintain our on-premise offering. And the answer, of course, is "yes." Both our cloud and server products are essential to us and will get the same love in the future.

Talking about our products: we have just released ONEPOINT Projects 19.1, the first major update to Release 19 featuring support for multiple currencies, configurable proceed types, and a unified view on to-do comments. Additionally, we improved our support for draft work packages and stories in ONEPOINT Projects 19.0.2 earlier this summer.

We are continuously improving our SAP Connector together with our partner ENOWA. Furthermore, we will shortly release the next generation of our ONEPOINT 360 mobile apps that we know many of you are already waiting for.

If you want to know more about our roadmap, you might want to visit us at our booth at PM Welt @home — a new type of virtual project management conference that takes place on three days between December and February (Dec 8, Feb 19, and Feb 23).

Naturally, we have also started working on the next major release of ONEPOINT Projects. In addition to that, we have a new topic coming up where we will double-down on agile — of course, we will stay true to our hybrid approach: you will see incredible improvements around traditional project management as well!

Best regards & stay healthy,

Gerald, Founder & CEO

ONEPOINT Projects 19.0.2: New Features and Improvements

You will be happy to hear that ONEPOINT Projects has extended this well-received planning feature for project managers. Draft work packages and stories are now fully supported for all controlling views and take part in the resource utilization and allocation calculations. In other words, when creating a draft activity, it is now visible in project controlling, and any effort will be allocated accordingly. In the past, these activities were only shown in the planning views.

The draft work packages and stories intentionally remain not visible to project members in personal task lists in "MY WORK." Plus, the activities are not yet synced to Jira, so you can plan more efficiently without revealing the drafts to project members in advance.

SAP Connector Developments

Together with our partner ENOWA we are continually improving our SAP Connector Option. For instance, previously, you had to use a third-party tool, the EPO Connector, for real-time connectivity with SAP. From now on, our SAP integration can operate in real-time without any additional software, simplifying the SAP Connector setup. All you need is a reasonably new SAP version.

Moreover, the SAP Connector now uses our latest API version based on GraphQL. First installations are already in use by our customers.

If you are interested in SAP integration, please contact us via

ONEPOINT Projects 19.1: Multiple Currencies and More

Multi-Currency Support

Does your company have multiple offices worldwide, or does it carry out projects that would be easier to handle in local currency? If your answer is "yes," you might be interested in our new multi-currency support for international projects.

With ONEPOINT Projects 19.1, you can use a specific currency on the project level, simplifying cost planning, tracking, and controlling. Project managers can enter all numbers in the local currency, no need to do error-prone, manual currency conversions. Naturally, management still gets an aggregated overview of all projects on the portfolio level in the default system currency. Reports can easily be generated in the project currency and the default system currency, allowing flexible project controlling.

To minimize errors, you can import conversion rates via Excel sheets, though the manual entering of rates is also possible. ONEPOINT's SAP Connector further supports synchronizing conversion rates from SAP.

To-Do and Meeting Management

After a meeting, follow-ups are now more time-saving than ever as the commenting functionalities from to-do lists and meeting minutes are brought together. With version 19.1, the to-do notes created in a meeting are automatically synchronized with local to-do comments. By unifying all relevant comments in one place, finding notes quickly has become much easier.

All notes on a to-do are now displayed in the "Comments" section of its details at a glance. If a comment has originated from a meeting, you can instantly see this in the to-do's details.

Additional Proceed Types

The definition of various proceed types in project planning and controlling is an essential and helpful feature for our customers. Previously, it was only possible to use built-in proceeds for personnel that was automatically calculated based on resource assignments and external hourly rates.

With the new version of ONEPOINT Projects, you can define proceeds that may not be part of your value chain but are still relevant for the project, e.g., 3rd party licenses. So, the feature allows you to enter individual proceeds and thus differentiate between various types. This will lead to a more structured approach to project cost controlling.


You are probably familiar with the saying, "the customer is king." We also believe that our customers' feedback – like yours – is highly valuable, which is why we always try to include it in our products.

With ONEPOINT 360 2.0, we included lots of feedback into our new mobile app to ensure an even better user experience. One of the most exciting developments is that the app is now based on our upcoming, next-generation user interface technology and thus, provides a sneak-peek into what's to come also for our web user interface.

ONEPOINT 360 is available immediately and can be downloaded from the Android Playstore and iOS Appstore, respectively. The new app version uses ONEPOINT’s latest GraphQL-based APIs and requires at least ONEPOINT Projects Server 19.1 when using on-premise deployment.

Want to know more? We will reveal more details about this new major update to ONEPOINT 360 in our next ONEPOINT report!

ONEPOINT 360 preview

Getting Started Guide — First Steps

Are you new to ONEPOINT Projects? Then you might be interested in our easy-to-follow "Getting Started Guide." The guide will facilitate our new user onboarding with "first steps" for ONEPOINT Projects. Learn more here for the Getting Started Guide — First Steps.

Don't forget to take a look at our tutorials and cheat sheets on our website as well.

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