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Dear Readers,

I hope you are all healthy and safe.

Just like everyone else, also ONEPOINT has been affected by the current crisis. However, as a software company that has always embraced remote work, life for us has not changed as much as for many other people. And so, we are happy to tell you that we have finally released ONEPOINT Projects 19 – a release we know many of you are eagerly waiting for.

Release 19 includes our new, fully integrated agile planning and controlling component as well as many other practical features, such as the new “Timeline” view. Check out the details below, or even better sign into your cloud account or install the new update if you are on-premise!

We are also very proud that we have been named the top-rated PPM vendor in the SoftwareReviews 2020 PPM Data Quadrant. Purely based on feedback from real end users we have won 7 from 11 categories!

Finally, we naturally had to cancel our annual end user conference ONEPOINT Connect that would have taken place this week in Munich. We will instead host a streamlined webinar with a Q&A session in the May/June timeframe. We will send out invitations within the next 2-3 weeks.

Stay healthy, be safe and stay tuned for major news around our mobile apps this summer!

Best Regards,

Gerald Aquila, Founder & CEO

ONEPOINT Projects 19: Integrated Agile Planning and Controlling

ONEPOINT Projects 19 now enables true hybrid project portfolios with our new integrated, next generation agile planning and controlling component. In contrast to our traditional planning component, we have abandoned our edit-check-in cycle for agile planning, thus providing a much more dynamic user experience for agile projects.

Epics and Story Planning with the New Epics View

With the new epics view, you will be able to do your epics and story planning in an interactive way. We designed the epics view like our work breakdown structure where you can easily create, move or delete epics and stories. The status (open, in progress, closed) of epics and stories is visualized with the aid of lines, which helps you to identify the status easily. Also, a status filter is implemented. Of course, the epics view is drag & drop enabled.

epics planning

Multi-Sprint Planning with the New Sprint Board

The Kanban-style sprint board is the center piece of our new agile component and allows for drag & drop sprint planning with a strong focus on planning more than one sprint into the future. It shows all currently planned sprints with the backlog “pinned” into place, so it does not scroll away. The sprint board also facilitates sprint capacity optimization by displaying sprint utilization based on allocated story points and calculated velocity. We hope you will like it as much as we do. :-)

sprint board

Burndown Chart

The burndown chart clearly visualizes the performance of the project team and helps to have a full overview of the project progress. The chart shows how much work remains for finishing a Sprint, how quickly the team has completed tasks and it predicts when all of the work will be completed and when the team will achieve the Sprint goal.

Jira Connector Option

Naturally, agile projects can optionally be linked to Jira projects or versions allowing for real-time integration with the Atlassian tool, as the new agile features are fully compatible with ONEPOINT's Jira Connector.

To support the synchronization of agile projects between ONEPOINT Projects and Jira, a new version of our connector plugin is required. The new version of the plugin is included in the software distribution of release 19 and is also available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Please note that Jira connectivity for agile projects is not available yet in the initial release of ONEPOINT Projects 19 due to some final testing we are currently undertaking. But Jira connectivity for agile projects will be enabled very shortly as soon as the remaining stability issues have been fixed.

ONEPOINT Projects 19: New Key Features

There are a lot of new exciting functionalities included in ONEPOINT Projects 19 making your life as a project and portfolio manager a whole lot easier.

Timeline View for Management Reporting

The Timeline view visualizes selected project phases, work packages and milestones in a simplified way to easily present and discuss them during meetings. When discussing the timeline, you can highlight relevant activities. You can also zoom in to focus on specific aspects, save it as an image for use in presentations, or include it in a custom report.

timeline view

Context-sensitive Help and Online Documentation

If you have any questions about functionalities within ONEPOINT, it is now even easier to get them answered by using our new context-sensitive help and online documentation. Additionally, you can browse all available sections of the documentation and access the latest manuals in "Online Resources”. The new online help is a work in progress and will be gradually extended with every future update.


With the new “Invite User” functionality, an invitation mail from ONEPOINT Projects can be sent to new users. New users will receive an email containing instructions and a link to set the password of their ONEPOINT user. This functionality is also available in the "New User" dialog.

Pop-up hints are now also available for new users logging in for the first time in order to help them getting started with ONEPOINT Projects.

Drag & drop File Upload for Attachments

The new release enables a drag and drop file upload for multiple attachments and documents for easier document management.

Resource Management Improvements

Release 19 comes with a number of practical resource management improvements, such as:

  • You might need to get used to it, but we renamed our tool group “RESOURCES” into “TEAMS”, and “Pools” are also referred to as “Teams”.
  • There is a new tab called “Capacity” which provides an overview of the free capacity vs. the used capacity of a team or resource and serves as another reporting tool in addition to the utilization. Of course, you can also save the chart as an image.
  • We implemented a new setting "Allow Time and Cost Tracking for", which now allows to track time and costs for all resources of the project team or all resources in ONEPOINT without assignments.
  • Searching for resources and teams is now even easier within ONEPOINT with the search functionality.


ONEPOINT Projects 19 is available immediately. By selecting the "Professional" plan to include the Planning & Controlling Option users will have access to the new agile and timeline features. Contact our sales team to enable Jira connectivity, or for more information via email at


Do you know the SoftwareReviews Data Quadrant? And, did you know that ONEPOINT Projects is the top-rated PPM vendor in the SoftwareReviews 2020 PPM Data Quadrant?

SoftwareReviews Data Quadrant Awards recognize outstanding vendors in the technology marketplace as evaluated by their users annually and we participated in this survey.

We ranked highest among software users, earning the number-one spot in the areas of ease of implementation and IT administration, vendor support, breadth and quality of features, product strategy, and rate of improvement. Read on here…

Gold Medal Softwarereviews



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