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Dear Readers,

After a summer busier than usual we are now starting into fall with our latest update to ONEPOINT Projects 18: Besides stability and performance improvements Update 2 also comes with a number of practical new features.

At the same time, we are of course already in the "hot" final development phase for ONEPOINT Projects 19 focusing on next generation agile project management. As we know that you are all already eager to get your hands on our next major release we provide you with another sneak peak -- this time about the new "Epics" planning view.

Finally, we have decided to be part of a few additional events this year, including pma focus on Oct 30 in Vienna. Our own customer feedback event, ONEPOINT Connect, has been postponed to April 2020 for a number of administrative reasons -- continue reading for more details... :-)

Best Regards,

Gerald Aquila, Founder & CEO

ONEPOINT Projects 18 Update 2

ONEPOINT Projects 18 Update 2 is our latest production update and we have implemented several new features, such as:

  • Activities can directly be added to meetings and minutes can be tracked for them. A corresponding section has also been added to the “MeetingMinutes” report.
  • Risk responses and stakeholder measures will be created as to-dos.
  • Documents can also be added to templates.
  • The Confluence Connector Option is now also supported on ONEPOINT Projects Enterprise Cloud instances.
  • Henceforward it is possible to monitor ONEPOINT’s performance in some key areas. By enabling the performance monitoring, ONEPOINT will track accurate statistics for selected processes, i.e. “show resource allocation” or “show project dashboard”.

If you have not already upgraded to Update 2, we recommend you to do so, as it also comes with many stability and usability improvements.

Preview: ONEPOINT Projects 19

ONEPOINT Projects 19 including the new integrated agile component is almost finalized, and we are working very hard to release it soon. We know that you are all curious, and to shorten the waiting time, we introduce you to another new feature of our second generation integrated agile component.

Epics and story planning with the new epics view

With the new epics view, you will be able to do your epics and story planning in an interactive way. We designed the epics view like our work breakdown structure where you can easily create, move or delete epics and stories. The status (open, in progress, closed) of epics and stories is visualized with lines, which helps you to identify the status easily. Also, a status filter is implemented. Of course, the epics view is drag & drop enabled.

epics view

Update: ONEPOINT 360 APP

Fall 2019 brings an update on our project portfolio dashboard app ONEPOINT 360 for iPhone and iPad. The new ONEPOINT 360 version improves the consistency of percentage-based progress values and variances compared to the ONEPOINT Projects web user interface. The new update also provides optimized support for the latest iPhone and iPad screen sizes.

onepoint 360

The on- and offline-capable dashboard is based on the portfolio overviews available in ONEPOINT and shows a tabular project list with status traffic light and plan/actual comparisons, a multi-project schedule as well as ONEPOINT’s unique project pipeline.

The app also works with ONEPOINT's free 30-day trials that you can request quickly and easily from the ONEPOINT website.

ONEPOINT 360 is available for Android devices as well and can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store.

Get ONEPOINT 360 from the iTunes App Store

Get ONEPOINT 360 from the Google Play Store


Oracle announced earlier this year, that they are changing their licensing model for Java, which means that public updates for Oracle Java SE will not be available for business, commercial, or production use without a commercial license anymore. Therefore we recommend using OpenJDK as default, which is completely open source and can be used freely. Oracle provides OpenJDK under the open source GPL License at

Atlassian Open 2019

It was the first time that Atlassian organized the Atlassian Open event in Vienna in September and we decided on short-term to participate. We didn’t regret it at all, it was a full success and we hope that it will take place again next year. If you haven’t attended it, you should schedule it for next year.

pma focus 2019

We are again a sponsor at the pma focus 2019 on October 30 in Vienna. This year’s topic is: “PM Under Construction”. If you are also attending, stop by our booth and say hello to our ONEPOINT team. We are looking forward to presenting you our latest innovations and solutions.

pma focus 2019

ONEPOINT Connect 2020

Some of you might have already wondered, if we are going to organize our ONEPOINT Connect. Because of other conferences and our internal roadmap, it wasn’t easy to find a good location and date. Hence, we decided to move our annual user meeting to next year. The ONEPOINT Connect will take place in Munich at the Hilton Munich Airport from April 22 to 23, 2020. In the same week, precisely on April 21, the PM Welt 2020 will take place. We think that this will be a good time and we hope a lot of our users will join us. Please save the date in your calendars, we will soon send out the invitations with more information and details.

onepoint connect 2020



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