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Dear Readers,

The long wait is over: we have just released ONEPOINT Projects 18 — one of our biggest releases ever with more than 100 features and improvements. With this release we are also officially launching our new integrations with Confluence and SAP.

As you will see when you dive deeper into the new features below, we have also updated our newsletter format slightly to make it more flexible, we hope you like it as much as we do! :-)

Last but not least, we have made major changes to the “Resources” section on our website: you will find an improved documents area, rewritten end user and administrator FAQs, as well as an updated documentation of our REST API.

This said, check out the new release and tell us know what you think — we are happy to get your feedback! Maybe we even see each other at one of the conferences we attend over the next couple of months?

Best Regards,

Gerald Aquila, Founder & CEO

Optimizing Portfolio Management Capabilities

There are a lot of highlights in ONEPOINT Projects 18, but in the area of our portfolio management including a lot of new functionalities, we can now announce a really exciting new feature – the what-if scenario planning which makes your life as a project manager a whole lot easier ;-)

What-if scenario planning

You all know that we are well known for providing a truly seamless integration between project and resource management enabling project and team managers to view real-time resource utilization and demand analysis anytime with the press of a button. By adding the easy-to-use what-if scenario planning on the portfolio level, anyone can now create and analyze resource allocation, utilization and demand scenarios simply via drag & drop. You can move projects in time as well as hide projects for each scenario; multiple what-if scenarios can be reviewed in parallel - providing a simple but powerful approach to optimizing resource allocation.


Configurable project list

Based on customer feedback at our ONEPOINT Connect user meeting last year, the real-time project list has been improved within release 18. The project list is now configurable with the newly added filter "View Type" which allows you to create different view types for your project list, as you need it. It is possible to add, show or hide columns in these view types and to select one as default in the "Manage View Types" dialog. We think that this is a pretty cool new feature – don’t you agree? :-)

Project Pipeline design improvement

We decided to give our project pipeline a new and improved design. With this refresh each pipeline stage now shows the number of projects of this stage and the progress bars display the colors of the traffic lights more consistently.

Next generation portfolio dashboard with KPIs

We also implemented a next generation portfolio dashboard which now has a stronger focus on KPIs and qualitative analysis – now you have an even better overview of all the important portfolio information than before. Visualizations like “Risk Classification, “Project Status” and “Project Type” as donut charts, as well as a milestone trend analysis are available for a comprehensive overview. Additionally, more "Top Projects" will be shown.


New tab KPIs

Furthermore, we added a new tab called “KPIs” which provides a more detailed and graphical overview of all relevant portfolio-level metrics such as total effort and costs, average profit margin, SPI, or CPI.


Single Project Management Features and Improvements

ONEPOINT Projects 18 also brings additional new features and improvements in the single project management area.

Project Charter

We have revised the project details and implemented a new tab called "Project Charter" which replaces the “Summary” tab as the first project detail tab based on templates of leading PM consultants and the PMA project handbook (PMA being the Austrian branch of the IPMA). This tab also closely resembles the new simplified project charter report.

Kanban boards as alternative to activity list/to-do list

ONEPOINT Projects 18 brings Kanban boards to our PPM solution, making it easier for you to visually track the progress of to-dos, work packages and milestones. They are available on both, the project level and in your personalized "My Work" area. All Kanban boards are interactive in a way that you can update the progress of to-dos, work packages and milestones simply via drag & drop. Also, time and cost tracking are possible directly from activity-based Kanban boards.


Redesigned work breakdown structure

The work breakdown structure (WBS) has a new and improved design. The project number is now shown in the top box of the WBS, the selected work package or milestone is highlighted with a blue frame and an additional filter for open phases has been added. We also implemented a new filter called “Status”, where you can choose between “All”, “Open” and “Closed”.

Additional improvements

Additional improvements include streamlined project charter and closure reports that are optimized for out-of-the-box usage and a number of smaller visual improvements in the project dashboard. Furthermore, you can now set the risk classification of a project to "Low", "Medium" or "High".

Improved and New Connector Options

Jira Connector Improvements

We are convinced that all of you who are also Atlassian users, will welcome additional improvements of our bidirectional Jira Connector. New functionality includes support for custom field syncing as well as more dynamic handling of changes to issue title and description fields. Additionally, it is now possible to mark work packages as draft work packages which are not automatically synced to Jira when checking-in a new plan version. If you have any further questions, check out our updated Jira manual, or contact us.

New Confluence Connector Option

After successful integrations with Jira and Crowd, a Confluence Connector Option was a logical next step for us. The new connector allows you to embed real-time project and portfolio management views in your Confluence pages. With this first version of the Confluence Connector, you can synchronize the project pipeline, work breakdown structure (WBS) and schedule (Gantt) charts to Confluence. If you want any other charts to be accessible via Confluence, please let us know.


New SAP Connector Option

We are officially launching our SAP integration with ONEPOINT Projects 18. The SAP Connector provides automatic or manual bidirectional synchronization of projects, WBS components, cost and resource planning data, as well as internal costs between ONEPOINT and SAP. You will also be able to automatically or manually synchronize your human resource master data and external costs from SAP to ONEPOINT. Of course, no SAP installation resembles another, this is why we created the SAP Connector together with increase AG, a leading SAP consulting company in Central Europe who will also help customers with setup, configuration and customizing.

SAP Connector Option Datasheet

Rewritten FAQs

Also check out our newly launched and completely rewritten FAQs for both end users and administrators. We hope that the new FAQs make it even easier to work with ONEPOINT. Let us know if there is anything important missing.

Updated REST API Documentation

The preferred way of integrating external systems with ONEPOINT Projects is the provided REST API. The updated REST API documentation in the “Resources” section on our website gives you an overview of general setup, authentication and common pitfalls that might occur when working with the API.

Conferences in 2019

2019 will be a busy year for our ONEPOINT Projects team, since we are also attending several conferences in Europe and the US.

  • Atlassian Summit in Las Vegas, April 9-11
  • PMI EMEA in Dublin, May 13-15
  • PM Welt in Munich, May 15
  • Gartner EMEA Program & Portfolio Management Summit in London, June 5-6
  • pma Focus in October in Vienna, October 30

Last but not least, we are of course organizing our annual ONEPOINT Connect User Meeting in Fall 2019. We can’t give you any further information yet, but you will get an invitation as soon as we have decided where and when it will take place. We hope that it will be again as successful as last year, and we are already looking forward to it.



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