ONEPOINT’s Program Management Option allows you to plan and manage large, complex projects and dependencies between related projects easily. Splitting projects into sub-projects and to distribute responsibilities across multiple project managers is supported. Each sub-project manager can then decide which activities are visible in the overall program plan.

  • Minimize insecurities, variables and unidentified risks through early risk identification, evaluation and response planning by assigning activities of the project plan already in the project start process

  • Reduce costs and ensure project success through faster reactions, shorter processing times and transparency by continuous risk controlling activities

  • Minimize risk probability and impact by defining global risk categories to make risks comparable across projects and use synergies from other projects

  • Efficiently support management decisions through transparent risk visualization with automatically generated bubble charts and customizable risk reports




  • Version-controlled risk plan including risk description, categories, risk owner, probability, impact, value, activities and risk status
  • Assigning of preventive/corrective responses, risk owner and activities from the project plan to the identified risks
  • Optional global risk categories
  • Automatically generated risk bubble chart including risk description, impact, probability and risk status
  • Configurable risk traffic light for status reporting
  • Flexible risk reports including categories, customized input fields and risk charts


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