ONEPOINT’s Jira Connector Option provides a real-time, bidirectional integration between ONEPOINT and Atlassian’s Jira. By incorporating the synced data into ONEPOINT’s integrated multi-project database, it is possible to extend Jira seamlessly with standards-based project portfolio management as well as resource planning.

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  • Faster starting and staffing of projects through an always up-to-date resource utilization view across all projects and portfolios supported by and closely integrated with the skills management function

  • Minimized overall project risk due to better and more informed decisions based on consistent, real-time information across all projects through bidirectional synchronization of project data

  • More efficient project execution due to improved communication through clear visualization of project structures and statuses with standardized project management charts

  • Optimized project administration costs via maximum reuse of entered information and quick documentation with flexible, standards-based project reports

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  • Clear overview of all projects in a highly visual, configurable “Project Pipeline” complete with IPMA compliant traffic lights
  • Real-time synchronization and aggregation of agile Jira project data into ONEPOINT’s multi-project database
  • Resource planning for Jira projects through a real-time resource utilization view for resources and teams across all projects
  • Interactive WBS and Gantt planning for Jira issues including dependencies; additional standards-based PM charts available (e.g., Earned Value)
  • Improved project effort and cost planning for Jira issues and features with automatic calculation of personnel costs and proceeds
  • Optional IPMA-compliant periodic status reporting, risk management, stakeholder analysis, program management, and portfolio analysis for Jira projects


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