ONEPOINT's Enterprise Agile Option allows Release Train Engineers (RTE) to effectively plan, implement, and control Agile Release Trains (ART) according to the Essential SAFe configuration.

Our deep, bi-directional integration with Jira and SAP enables agile teams to execute ARTs in Jira while RTEs can manage project, time-tracking, and cost data via SAP. In addition, ARTs are seamlessly integrated into ONEPOINT's hybrid portfolio and resource management capabilities.

  • Efficiency through transparency — automatic resource utilization analyses across your ARTs and agile teams enable high transparency and professional resource allocation.

  • Faster time to market — by planning and controlling your ARTs in one central database, you can minimize your administrative overheads.

  • Save costs and time — with ONEPOINT Projects, you will avoid complex manual setups for ARTs and duplicate data entries, especially when running your agile teams in Jira or aggregating data to and from SAP.

  • Minimize risks — always up-to-date dashboards, integrated risk controlling, and status reporting allow RTEs to identify risks early and make well-informed decisions.

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PI-Planning Board in ONEPOINT Projects



  • Support for Agile Release Trains (ART) as reportable, first-class business objects with a seamlessly integrated agile team level
  • Drag & drop Program Increment (PI) Planning board including milestones and dependencies
  • SAFe-compatible risk management (ROAM) in combination with our Risk Management Option (RMO)
  • Release Train Engineers get program (features) and team-level backlogs
  • Kanban controlling views on ART (program) and team level
  • Optional bidirectional integrations with Jira and SAP

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