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ONEPOINT Projects helps management connect strategy with project execution by linking strategic objectives directly to your operative project management. Report the progress and status of strategic initiatives based on contributing projects and programs in real-time and more.

With ONEPOINT Projects' strategic management feature, you can be confident that your strategy gets executed.

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Strategic Management



With fierce competition and rapidly changing markets, it's more important than ever to work towards a common organizational goal. ONEPOINT's software solution makes it easier for team members to understand and execute the company's strategy while providing management with relevant strategic data.

  • Minimize organizational risks — Align resources and budgets with your strategy and ensure timely and efficient execution.
  • Real-time controlling — Including objective completion, progress and status reports, and automatically aggregated status traffic lights.
  • Open and integrable — Extend your strategic management with leading applications such as Jira and SAP.

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Selected Features

strategy dashboard

Strategy Dashboard

Clear dashboard visualization of your organization’s vision, strategic objectives, and initiatives.

Jira Integration

Jira Integration

Plan and control your strategy in ONEPOINT Projects and execute strategic projects in Jira.

initiative pipeline

Initiative Pipeline

Quickly visualize the status and progress of each initiative in one comprehensive overview.

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A well-known family-owned company uses strategic management in ONEPOINT Projects to implement its corporate strategy and vision. Check out how our software solution contributes to their business development.



Our standards-compliant software solution seamlessly integrates portfolio, resource, and strategic management and
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