We Empower Agile Teams
to Deliver Solutions Faster

ONEPOINT Projects enables the successful transformation to agile software development by implementing Essential SAFe®. The hybrid software allows you to deliver value when it is needed and execute complex solutions more easily.

You can manage Agile Release Trains with Program Increments, including Confidence Votings (Fist of Five) in one central database.

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Enterprise Agile - Scaled Agile Framework

ART - Scaled Agile Framework


We empower Release Train Engineers (RTEs) to drive continuous development and enable true business agility. ONEPOINT Projects provides RTEs with transparency across ARTs, real-time dashboards, and effective risk management capabilities. With our future-proof and Essential SAFe-compliant software solution, you will get the most out of your solution delivery.

  • Complete SAFe life-cycle — effective planning, executing, controlling, and reporting your ARTs ensures minimal administrative overhead and complete alignment to business values.
  • Beyond Scaled Agilenot every one of your projects will be agile. ONEPOINT's hybrid approach lets you integrate portfolio, resource, and strategic management.
  • Connect Jira & SAP — agile teams execute ARTs in Jira while management transfers project, time-tracking, and cost data in real-time to and from SAP. Learn more about ONEPOINT's bi-directional integrations.

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Selected Features

Scaled Agile Dashboard

ART Dashboards

Real-time dashboards and status reports allow identifying deviations and making well-informed decisions.

PI-Planning Board

PI-Planning Board

Manage your Program Increments, including dependencies and milestones via drag & drop.

Risk Management - ROAM

Risk Management

Manage risks in the ROAM matrix using ONEPOINT Projects' Risk Management Option.


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Our standards-compliant software solution seamlessly integrates portfolio, resource, and strategic management and
creates a frictionless user experience that is easily adjustable to your existing business processes.


If you are looking for a straightforward and flexible project management software
to simplify your complex projects and portfolios, then you have come to the right place.
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