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Dear Readers,

Summer is over and we are once more facing the typically busiest time of the year: the fall months that lead to the end of the year where everyone wants to complete as many things as possible. At ONEPOINT we are of course also very busy finalizing our next major release: ONEPOINT Projects 18 will be one of our biggest feature releases ever and you can get a first glimpse of it in the Solution section.

On the marketing side we have just concluded our “Micro Case Studies Challenge”. Since we have one winner, but also one very close runner-up we decided to give away two iPads, instead of one: Raiffeisen Landesbank Oberösterreich got the most votes, with Hirtenberger Automotive finishing on a very close second place. We have already notified the winners, the prices will be delivered shortly.

“The probably most striking fact about ONEPOINT Projects compared to other tools is its intuitive usability – from administration over portfolio management to operative single project management.”

Mag. Gerald Baumgartner, Prokurist & Head of PMO

We also just launched our “Solutions” pages on our website: a new area where we have published a number of customer solutions based on real-world use cases that we identified from our existing customer base. You might want to take a look in order to see how other customers are using ONEPOINT Projects.

In addition, we are taking our ONEPOINT Connect user event one step further: we are connecting our users through the new ONEPOINT Projects User Forum – a discussion group on LinkedIn. The ONEPOINT Projects User Forum is dedicated to providing a forum for current, former, and future ONEPOINT Projects users to connect, exchange insights and information. Please feel free to share your experiences with ONEPOINT Projects.

Last but not least, we have just moved to a new head office. If you have been at the ONEPOINT headquarters before, it is just across the large parking area in the new building on the 6th floor – the new official address is:

ONEPOINT Projects GmbH
Dietrich-Keller-Strasse 24/6
8074 Raaba-Grambach, Austria

With this, I wish you good luck with all your projects and programs – and see you on LinkedIn :-),

Best Regards,

Gerald Aquila, Founder & CEO



Release 18 will be one of the largest feature releases ever with more than 120 new features and improvements. Therefore, we decided to already give you a few insights of the coming changes within ONEPOINT. We are also working on other very exciting new things that we cannot yet share with you. However, we are already very excited about Release 18 – so stay tuned.

IPMA/PMI Wording & Reporting Improvements

Together with our partner PMCC we have been working on the improvement of the IPMA/PMI wording within ONEPOINT. This precisely means, that we will have an even more standards-compliant wording and a more consistent naming throughout the application in the future. Furthermore, we will have streamlined and improved IPMA standard reports (specifically, project charter and project closure) reports for better out-of-the-box usage. We will also keep our previous, more extensive “Project Order” as the “Project Handbook” report.

In order that you can communicate the changes in wording early on, we have compiled a short list of the most relevant terms:

  • On the project level, “Goal” will become “Objective” (with “Non-Objective” respectively) and “Finish” will be called “End Date” (allowing also for an optional “End Event”)
  • Project “Kind” will become “Methodology”, allowing us to use the correct German term “Projektart” for the project type
  • On the planning level, “Collection Activity” will now be called “Project Phase” and leaf-level activities will be named more concretely as “Work Package
  • Our “Project Symbol” on the single project dashboard will be renamed as “Project Cockpit
  • “Open” will become “Remaining” together with a simplified plan-actual comparison
  • Finally, “Agenda” will now be simply called “Meeting

Selected Upcoming Features

We will introduce an interactive, drag & drop enabled Kanban board for activities and to-dos based on their statuses. For activities, the columns Not Started (0%), 25%, 50%, 75%, Completed and for to-dos Open, In Progress and Completed will be shown. The Kanban board will be available for My Work as well as on the project level.

We decided to give our work breakdown structure (WBS) a new and improved design. With this refresh, the project number will then be shown in the top box of the WBS. Additionally, we added a filter for open phases and the selected work package will be highlighted with a blue frame.

We are revising the project details and introducing a new tab called "Project Charter", which will replace the “Summary” tab as the first project detail tab based on templates of leading PM consultants and the PMA project handbook. This tab will closely resemble the new simplified project charter report.

Last but not least, ONEPOINT will get a more qualitative, status-driven and improved portfolio dashboard. We are implementing a "Risk Classification" with the categories high, medium and low risk projects visualized with a donut chart as well as the "Project Status" and the "Project Types" as a pie chart to the dashboard and additionally, more "Top Projects" will be shown.



Recent Conferences & Events

ONEPOINT Connect 2018 - Pöllauberg

Our annual ONEPOINT Connect User Meeting was again very successful. It took place at the fantastic venue of the Hotel Retter in Pöllauberg, Styria in late. Over two days, we again covered many topics and gave some insights like the ONEPOINT Projects roadmap and strategy, an outlook to Release 18 and discussed new ideas and features for ONEPOINT. Additionally, we had the pleasure to listen to Hans König from increase AG, talking about the new ONEPOINT SAP Connector Option. A big thank you to all participants, we are already looking forward to ONEPOINT Connect 2019!

PMI Global Conference 2018 – Los Angeles

We have been traveling across the pond to attend the PMI Global Conference 2018 from October 6 to 8 in Los Angeles, which was a great experience for us. We not only had some very interesting discussions at our booth, but also Gerald Aquila, our CEO & Founder, held a speech about ONEPOINT’s Hybrid PPM solution.

pma focus 2018 - Vienna

Almost at the same time as the PMI conference we attended this year’s pma focus in Vienna, where David Frauscher, our Sales Director, held an elevator pitch on ONEPOINT Projects. For those who missed it, we uploaded a recording of the pitch on our YouTube Channel – check it out!



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