No. 54 (Spring '18)

Editorial "Visionary" in Gartner PPM MQ 2018 & Much More…
Solution Release 17.1 & ONEPOINT 360 for Android…
Spotlight Project Risk Management…
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Dear Readers,

Welcome to our latest issue of the ONEPOINT Report and we are proud to announce that Gartner has again named us a “Visionary” in their latest Magic Quadrant for Project Portfolio Management, Worldwide. But this is of course not everything that is new.

First of all, we have just released a new minor release 17.1 featuring many improvements and optimizations based on ONEPOINT Projects 17 as well as a number of new chart types for our well-received report wizard. Additionally, ONEPOINT 360, our offline-capable portfolio dashboard app, is now also available for Android as a free download from the Google Play Store. Check out the Solutions section for more details below.

We have also created new tutorial videos (program management, stakeholder management, strategic management), a brand-new product brochure as well as new datasheets for most options. Last but not least, there is a new one-page “cheat sheet” for ONEPOINT users that explains things such as indicator icons and provides an overview of practical keyboard shortcuts; we believe that this cheat sheet will be very helpful for onboarding new users.

I do not want to tell you too much about our next major release (ONEPOINT Projects 18) already, but I can tell you that it will provide many practical extensions to our PMI and IPMA feature set regarding both single project management and portfolio management and that this is the first release that contains major feedback from our new strategic consulting partner PMCC Consulting. I am really looking forward to this release and cannot wait to use ONEPOINT 18 myself for our own projects.

Best Regards,

Gerald Aquila, Founder & CEO


NEW: ONEPOINT Projects 17.1 Enterprise Cloud/Server

ONEPOINT Projects 17 was our last major release, and we decided to extend it to release 17.1 with updates providing not only additional performance and stability, but also a number of new features and improvements.

New Reporting Features

As you know, ONEPOINT reports can be created, customized and run with our report wizard. We got a lot of customer feedback on reports, and as an outcome, we included different chart types and other improvements for your reports, thus making reporting even more flexible and easier.

  • Multi-project level GANTT chart to support multi-project schedule reporting
  • Portfolio analysis bubble chart
  • Project risk chart
  • Costs and resources charts from the project dashboard
  • Portfolio with latest status reports for creating compound reports
  • Configurable status reporting intervals

Other New Features & Improvements

  • Filters are now also available for the portfolio dashboard, e.g. for project types
  • Dependencies of activities from different projects are visually highlighted in the GANTT chart on the project level: they are displayed with bold arrows and dependency lines
  • For all of you who work closely together with your customers or other external persons in ONEPOINT, you can now utilize a new user level called “External Contributor” for customizing tool visibility for this group of users
  • It is now possible to plan activities on weekends for specific activities by setting “Enable planning on holidays and weekends”

Also a number of importing improvements, such as an automatable absence import via our API and a multi-project import via Excel to facilitate on-boarding have been added.

NEW: ONEPOINT 360 for Android

The ONEPOINT 360 project portfolio dashboard app was originally only available for iPad and iPhone. With the new Android app, we have extended our service for all existing and new customers by providing an on- and offline capable and highly visual overview of all projects for basically every device available on the market.

The easy-to-use dashboard app is based on the portfolio overviews already existing in ONEPOINT Projects and offers a clear overview across all projects. The dashboard shows tabular status information, effort and cost plan/actual comparisons, details, and deviations with traffic lights, a multi-project schedule with dates and progress as well as ONEPOINT’s unique project pipeline.

ONEPOINT 360 not only allows accessing ONEPOINT Projects from smartphones or tablets, but also stores the dashboard locally, so that all information is offline accessible if users are not connected to the Internet.

Get ONEPOINT 360 from the Google Play Store

Get ONEPOINT 360 from the iTunes App Store


We have created an all-new product brochure that provides a clear overview of our hybrid project and portfolio management (PPM) solution and all options and connectors. We have also updated and added a number of datasheets for our optional modules – you can find all new documents in the “Resources” section of our website.

Additionally, we have continued to produce additional tutorial videos including:

  • Program Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Stakeholder Analysis
We have also “remastered” our Jira integration tutorials. Visit our YouTube channel to find out more about the new and already existing tutorials.



Project Risk Management - No Risk, No Fun?

Risks are potential deviations in terms of quality, performance, deadlines or costs during a project life cycle that may – but not necessarily – have an impact on defined project goals and/or the overall success of the project.

Risk Management in projects is often not taken into account but risks are inevitable in projects as every project is an enabler of change, thus introduces uncertainty, i.e. risk. Sometimes, it is also seen as too time and work consuming or too expensive to implement.

So, if you could use risk management already in the project start process, implement it as a proactive planning and controlling tool for project managers, and hence reduce costs and ensure project success through faster reactions, shorter processing times and transparency by continuous risk controlling activities – would you take the opportunity?

ONEPOINT’s Risk Management Option (RMO) supports you to identify and evaluate risks and to implement appropriate responses (preventive or corrective) already in the project start process. In this way, it facilitates minimizing insecurities, variables and unidentified risks. The version-controlled risk plan perfectly fits to this approach by providing input fields from risk description, categories, risk owner, to probability, impact (qualitative and quantitative), value, activities, and risk status. You can even define customized global risk categories to make risks comparable and standardized across projects and use synergies and past experiences from other projects which results in minimizing risk probabilities and impact.

Transparent risk visualization with automatically generated risk bubble charts and risk reports with configurable traffic lights for each project including risk description, probability and impact, efficiently support the project manager and your management in making strategic decisions.

No risk, no fun? - Not in case of project management. If you want to experience clearly structured risk plans and transparent risk visualization tools and do not yet make use of ONEPOINT’s Risk Management Option, let us know and we will provide you with a free trial. Also, since we are always open for your feedback, let us know, if you are missing functionality, or have other ideas for improvements.



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