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Dear Readers,

Over the years we have found out that many companies would deploy a project management solution much earlier if you could "just use it" without any training and knowledge about PM standards and best practices. However, for a long time we did not know what we could do about this. Now we have the answer: onepoint PROJECTS 17.

I am very excited to announce that with our new major release the base product of onepoint PROJECTS is shipping without detailed planning and controlling capabilities (no WBS, no GANTT, no EV, no MTA). OK, but why is this a good thing? Very simple: we have found out that more than 80% of all key user training is spent on detailed planning and controlling while on the other hand, many companies do not need detailed planning and controlling for most if not all of their project management. And for these companies it has never been easier to get started with web-based project management than with our new release 17.

But what if I need detailed planning and controlling in the future? Also very simple: we have put all detailed planning and controlling functionality into a new optional module, the "Project & Controlling Option". OK, but what if I need both: simple and detailed projects? Probably you have already guessed it: you can still also create simple projects if you have the Project & Controlling Option licensed. You can find out more about our new simple projects in this onepoint REPORT's Spotlight.

We of course also have tons of new features for our existing customers in onepoint PROJECTS 17: stakeholder management via our new Stakeholder Analysis Option, portfolio dashboards, a dedicated "Agendas" tool, improved absence management, and much more. Take a look at the "Solutions" section below for more details about release 17.

Before wishing you a Merry Christmas I still have one more exciting info for you: we have opened a small office in San Diego in order to provide a local contact for our partners and customers in the US. You can find the contact details on our "ABOUT" page of our website.

Best Regards,

Gerald Aquila, Founder & CEO


NEW: onepoint PROJECTS 17 Enterprise Cloud/Server

onepoint PROJECTS 17 is now generally available for all Enterprise Cloud and Server customers; we have also updated our free Group Server offering for small installation with up to four users.

Beside numerous smaller improvements we are shipping a number of key features with our new major release including:

  • "Simple" or ultralight projects are a new way to execute simple and uncomplicated projects extremely efficiently. Simple projects do not feature detailed planning or controlling, but mainly rely on to-dos and a rough, tabular, simplified resources and/or cost plan. You can learn more about simple projects in this newsletter's Spolight
  • A new portfolio dashboard provides a glimpse at all major dimensions of a project portfolio including the project pipeline, KPIs such as SPI (Schedule Performance Indicator), graphical resources and costs plan/actual comparisons, and the default view type of the portfolio analysis bubble chart view
  • A dedicated "Agendas" tab provides faster access to creating and managing meeting agendas as well as viewing past meeting minutes. The new "Agendas" tab also features additional improvements such as email invitations and copying of agendas
  • Improved absence management allows to bulk-import absences via Excel spreadsheets and provides an ultralight absence request workflow so that project contributors can now put in absence requests directly through onepoint
  • The new Stakeholder Analysis Option (SAO) provides revision-safe stakeholder engagement planning and a bubble chart-style graphical stakeholder analysis based on attributes such as power, interest, and attitude

Finally, we have one more additional new module: the Planning & Controlling Option (PCO). This does not represent new functionality, but instead takes functionality away from our base product with the intention of making it even easier to start with professional project management. The PCO includes all detailed planning and controlling tools such as the WBS, the schedule (GANTT), the milestone-trend analysis, as well as Earned Value (EV) controlling.

Existing customers naturally get the Planning & Controlling Option for free, new customers have the choice whether they need detailed planning and controlling, or not. The per user pricing stays approximately the same, as we deducted the price of the PCO from the per user base price starting with the new release.

UPDATED: onepoint PROJECTS 17 Personal Server

Many users of our free, single user Personal Server product have reached out to us that they really like the simple planning capabilities, but that they are overwhelmed with the multi-project and portfolio management possibilities and do not know what they should do with those.

Therefore, with onepoint PROJECTS 17 we have decided to focus Personal Server really on single project management by removing most multi-project and portfolio overviews. However, we decided to keep the "RESOURCES" perspective, so simple resource management is still possible.

On the other hand, we are committed to bring some of our options to our free editions, especially those related to single-project management, such as Risk Management and Stakeholder Management. Stay tuned for an update on this over the next few months!

NEW: onepoint PROJECTS Enterprise Cloud & Jira

Finally testing and deploying onepoint's unique bidirectional integration with Jira got a lot easier with onepoint PROJECTS 17: we now support the complete functionality of our Jira Connector Option (JCO) also for our Enterprise Cloud customers and testers.

We are also already in the process of certifying our Jira real-time plug-in for Jira Cloud -- so cloud-to-cloud connectivity between onepoint PROJECTS and Jira Cloud is also only a couple of weeks away. Please let us know if we should inform you when cloud-to-cloud connectivity becomes available.



Simple Projects in onepoint 17+

Often you do not need a detailed project plan: a rough monthly or quarterly resource and/or cost table and a number of todos are actually all it takes to effectively execute these simple projects. However, you still need goals, you want a formal project team with defined roles, and maybe you might even want to do simple status reports. Starting with onepoint PROJECTS 17 you can do this using so called "simple" projects.

You create a simple project by setting the kind of project to "Simple" in the "New Project" view. You will see that a simple project does neither have a "Planning", nor a "Controlling" tab on the main navigation level inside the project. Instead there are simplified "Planning" and "Controlling" sub-tabs on the "Properties" tab that optionally let you define and control a very rough resource and/or cost "plan" based on your reporting periods.

Please note that you can now adjust the status reporting period not only globally, but also per project type. In addition, we have introduced a system setting for the default kind of project you typically create, so that you will rarely need to choose the kind of project in practice.

The simplified "Controlling" tab features a scaled-down version of a plan/actual comparison with the ability to optionally adjust effort/cost-to-complete estimations. As you can see the resources plan/actual table is simply structured based on your project team.

Time tracking for simple projects as well as open-effort estimations are optional. Here we simply provide the same tracking choices we introduced with onepoint PROJECTS 16: with and without time tracking, with and without progress estimation in open hours or %-completion steps. As simple projects do not have a detailed project plan, time is tracked on the project and status reporting period, instead of a specific activity.

The nice thing about simple projects is that they "look" just like detailed projects on the multi-project/portfolio level, so you can easily mix them. Simple projects even add to the resource utilization and demand charts based on your project team (given that you have provided a rough resource plan).

Finally, you can always easily upgrade a simple project to a detailed project simply by adjusting the project's "Kind" property. You also will not lose your existing resource and cost plans; instead, onepoint PROJECTS will "convert" these into a working copy of your first "real" project plan version. So you can even use onepoint's new simple projects for specifying business cases and doing early planning.

Ever wanted to bring more business users into onepoint, but these people do not want to think in work packages and milestones? Show them our new simple projects and bring them on board, discovering project management has never been easier!



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