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Dear Readers,

Summer is over and everyone is getting back to work. Also at onepoint everyone is working hard on finalizing onepoint PROJECTS 17. Our second major release this year will introduce portfolio dashboards, stakeholder management and a lot more - see our release 17 preview in the Solution section below for more details.

Another focus area is bringing more integrations to our cloud offering: we are starting with Microsoft Exchange / Office 360 connectivity with bidirectional Jira syncing for onepoint PROJECTS Enterprise Cloud scheduled for the end of this year.

We also want to announce a new training partnership with one of the leading project management consulting firms in the DACH region: PMCC Consulting. PMCC is already offering project manager tool trainings and will also conduct onepoint introduction workshops in the near future.

We are also happy to announce that we are once more named a "Visionary" in Gartner's latest Magic Quadrant for Project and Portfolio Management, Worldwide. In addition, we have just started working with G2 Crowd and want to invite you to review onepoint PROJECTS on the G2 Crowd platform. As an incentive, G2 Crowd offers the first 40 reviewers a USD 25 gift card:

Use this link for your G2 Crowd review!

You might also want to check back on our YouTube channel: we added new teaser videos for "Strategic Management" and "Program Management". Additionally, we are working on new tutorial videos that will be released within the next couple of months.

onepoint PROJECTS on YouTube

Last but not least I want to thank all our customers who attended this year's onepoint CONNECT, our annual international user meeting. We are looking back to super feedback, great new ideas and very interesting discussions. Already looking forward to the next one!

Best Regards,

Gerald Aquila, Founder & CEO



onepoint PROJECTS 17 is our second major release this year and will as such deliver four key features (plus an additional one that we do not want to talk about yet ;-):

  • A new portfolio dashboard will provide a glimpse at all major dimensions of a project portfolio including the project pipeline, KPIs such as SPI (Schedule Performance Indicator), graphical resources and costs plan/actual comparisons and the default view type of the portfolio analysis bubble chart view
  • A dedicated "Agendas" tab will provide faster access to creating and managing meeting agendas as well as viewing past meeting minutes. The new "Agendas" tab will also feature additional improvement such as email invitations and copying of agendas
  • Improved absence management will allow to bulk-import absences via Excel spreadsheets and provide an ultralight absence request workflow so that project contributors can put in absence requests directly through onepoint
  • The new Stakeholder Analysis Option (SAO) will provide revision-safe stakeholder engagement planning and a bubble chart-style graphical stakeholder analysis based on attributes such as power, interest, and attitude.

Additionally, onepoint PROJECTS 17 will again include nearly 100 smaller improvements and optimizations based on end customer feedback, as well as one more thing that we will keep under wraps until the final release, so stay tuned ;-).

Exchange Connector Option for Cloud & Office 365

Mainly because of scalability and bandwidth concerns we had held back on making all our integrations available on our cloud offerings in the past. We did a lot of testing in these areas and are now confident that we can bring all or most integrations also to onepoint PROJECTS Enterprise Cloud.

We are starting with the Exchange Connector Option (ECO) that we will now support also on our cloud servers within the next couple of days. In addition, we have also tested connectivity with Office 365, so we can now also provide absence syncing and Outlook task list integration with Microsoft's cloud offering.

We will be starting notifying existing customers who expressed interest in Exchange Connector Option on Enterprise Cloud or Office 365 connectivity shortly. If you are also interested in ECO on Enterprise Cloud or integrating with Office 365 please contact your key account manager or us directly at

onepoint PROJECTS 16 Update 1-3

onepoint PROJECTS 16 was one of our biggest releases ever. Still we continued to extend release 16 with three updates that did not only provide additional performance and stability, but also a number of new features:

  • Update 1 provided attachments for to-dos, additional time units for schedule views (quarter and year), support for effort & cost earned value (EV) report charts, as well as a new report type for ultralight workflows
  • Update 2 fixed a long overdue usability issue by automatically hiding mouse-overs in planning views when in edit mode, added incremental MS Project plan imports, lead- and lag times for milestones, and new API calls for automating time and cost importing
  • Update 3 mainly improved existing functionality and provided a number of bug fixes


Report Wizard

Unlike many other PPM solutions onepoint does not limit users to a fixed set of predefined reports, but lets them create and adjust reports themselves without having to learn a complex 3rd party reporting tool.

Reports can be created, customized and run on the "REPORTS" main tab of the onepoint user interface. When running reports users have the choice of executing the report directly inside the web browser's window, or downloading the results as a PDF, formatted Excel spreadsheet, or a CSV (comma separated version / text) file depending on the type of report.

onepoint knows about three major report types:

  • Simple reports are typically tabular, matrix, or chart-based reports where data is provided based on 20+ data sources that can be queried, sorted, and grouped. There are also additional simple report types such as properties (name-value pairs), image (a single stored image), or text (a text area) that are mainly used together with document reports
  • Document reports use simple reports like you use "Lego" bricks: you can combine any number of simple reports that query the same business object into a document report. Every sub-report is then shown in a section of the generated document
  • Compound reports have been introduced in onepoint PROJECTS 16 and are primarily used to "package" a simple overview report and document reports for a number of projects or resources into a single PDF document. The main use case is typically a portfolio status report starting with a tabular overview with traffic lights followed by one-pager status reports for each project

It is important to note that you are not limited to customizing existing reports: you can add any number of simple, document and compound reports. Let us know if you want to report on something we do not cover yet and we will see that we add this to our development roadmap!

We know that some of you would do even more with our powerful reporting functionality if we provided better documentation, so we are changing this: we improved the user manual covering the report wizard already in release 16 and we are in the middle of producing a reporting tutorial video. In addition, one of our new developers is working on an online help for reporting business objects and fields while we are writing this.

So, no more excuses -- get started with onepoint's report wizard and create your first report!



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