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Dear Readers,

Our whole team worked very hard with the intent to deliver onepoint PROJECTS 16 before Christmas, but as we did not want to compromise on quality, we decided to delay our new major release into the New Year. In order that you can still try out the tons of new features we added, we are shipping a beta version of onepoint PROJECTS 16 Enterprise Server to all customers with active support and maintenance contracts today. We will also provide you with a quick preview of the new release in the “Solutions” section.

One of the reasons why finalizing the onepoint PROJECTS 16 is quite tough, is clearly that it is one of the biggest releases ever, another reason is that onepoint PROJECTS 15 Update 1 was more of a minor release than an update. Check out the summary of the most important changes below.

We also joined the “Pledge 1%” movement on this year’s Atlassian Summit in San Jose (which was again a very good event for us and we will be present at the first ever European Summit next May in Barcelona). Founded originally by a small number of companies such as Atlassian and Salesforce, the Pledge 1% movement has now already more than 1,000 members. onepoint pledged 1% of employee time, i.e., each of our employees can use 1% of their working time per year for giving back to their communities.

Finally, we also wanted to give you a quick outlook on what we have in store for the next year: two strategic focus points will be next generation resource management and optimized support for JIRA Agile. However, we will also work on an integration with SAP with a few of our new customers and continue our journey of further simplifying project portfolio management without oversimplifying it, so hybrid PPM becomes even more accessible in 2017.

With this, the whole onepoint PROJECTS team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Best Regards,

Gerald Aquila, Founder & CEO


onepoint PROJECTS 15 Update 1

onepoint PROJECTS 15 Update 1 is our latest production update and should probably have been a minor release, as it also delivers several new features. Notable changes include:

  • Observers can now post articles and replies in “Discussions”
  • Role-based tool visibility configuration has been extended to “Planning” and “Controlling” sub-tabs
  • New practical email notifications for milestones regarding programs and subprojects
  • More consistent automatic traffic lights – now also calculated based on explicit or implicit baseline (consistent to multi-project plan/actual comparisons)
  • Comments can now also be added for to-dos

If you have not already updated to Update 1 we recommend you to do so, as it also comes with many stability and usability improvements.


onepoint PROJECTS 16 is one of our biggest releases ever providing major new functionality in the following areas:

  • New “Strategic Management Option” providing high-level strategic management and controlling on top of project portfolio management
  • Major additions to reporting including rich text editors, report charts and compound reports
  • Completely rewritten JIRA synchronization based on latest Atlassian technology with optional access to multiple JIRA repositories
  • Further streamlined, even cleaner user interface with more than 100 smaller overall improvements

We are currently working on stabilizing this new major release and will deliver it as soon as possible in the New Year.

NEW: Additional Tutorial Videos

As the response to our first batch of tutorials was very positive, we have continued to produce additional videos this fall including:

You can find all tutorial videos on our YouTube channel.



Program Management Option

Program management is often defined as the process of managing several related projects typically also with dependencies between them. A common use case is also to split a larger project into an appropriate number of subprojects making it easier to manage, or dividing the responsibility across multiple project managers (divide and conquer). onepoint PROJECTS provides this functionality via the Program Management Option (PMO).

Most of the functionality provided by the PMO happens “behind the scenes”, i.e., data is aggregated automatically from subproject to program level. There are only two things that must be done manually:

  1. Define all activities (phases, work packages, milestones) of the subprojects that should be visible on the program level as “public” (this can be done in the activity details on the “Constraints” tab)
  2. Include the subprojects into the main project by selecting the project icon in the editing toolbar visible on multiple planning views including WBS, activity list, and schedule

Note that there is no explicit way to create a program; instead, a project simply becomes a program when its first subproject gets included. Subprojects are shown via a special “bracket”-like activity visualization in the schedule and only public activities are included into the program / master project plan. The major advantage of this approach is that the program manager does not have to create a separate overview project plan.

Program management with onepoint is very flexible: you only need observer permissions on the subproject to include it into a program, subprojects can be part of multiple programs, programs can again be subprojects of other programs, and all activities between subprojects and the program can be interlinked with dependencies.

On the other side onepoint’s approach to program management is also revision-safe and offers good controlling tools for both program and subproject managers: programs plans are automatically version controlled, programs only take checked-in subproject plans into account and you can file status reports both on the program and the subproject level.

As you can see, the Program Management Option provides much more functionality and value than you can “see” at first glance. If you have projects that have become too big to manage, or if you are working with subprojects already today and do not yet make use of the PMO, let us know and we will provide you with a free trial.



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