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Dear Readers,

Our latest release onepoint PROJECTS 15 focuses heavily on additional JIRA connectivity features and is now available to all customers that are on support and maintenance. Of course, we also have a number of improvements that are interesting for all our customers including new HTML email notifications with context-sensitive links. We have also released new versions of our mobile apps onepoint 360 and onepoint ME, as always you can find more information in the Solution section below.

I also have “one more thing” for you: starting with onepoint PROJECTS 15 all observer users are free, in other words: you only pay for editing users from now on. This is also true for our free Group Server: in addition to the four free “full” users you can create any number of users that only “look” into onepoint.

Additionally, we are very happy that leading IT analyst Gartner has again recognized us as a “Visionary” in their most recent “Magic Quadrant for Cloud-Based IT Project and Portfolio Management Services, Worldwide”. One of the mentioned strengths is once again our bidirectional integration with Atlassian’s JIRA.

Finally, I also want to remind you of our new YouTube channel that we launched earlier this year, as we have now already more than 10 screencast tutorials available. A great way to get started with onepoint, or to help onboarding new project managers :-).

Best Regards,

Gerald Aquila, Founder & CEO


NEW: onepoint PROJECTS 15

onepoint PROJECTS 15 is heavily focused on improving our two-way integration with Atlassian JIRA. Some of the new key features for the JIRA Connector Option include:

  • Direct support for dynamic JIRA subtasks in the planning and controlling activity lists with automatic hierarchical aggregation of actual effort and remaining estimates
  • Active Assignments” show if JIRA tasks have been reassigned within the JIRA workflow and prevent them from being overwritten in a subsequent project plan check-in
  • JIRA issue ID visualization in activity lists including “My Activities”

The new release also comes with many general improvements including even more degrees of freedom for project contributors when assigning todos to other users/resources as well as the ability to quickly switch between different weeks in the “Track Time” dialog.

However, the feature probably most interesting to all onepoint users are our all new HTML email notifications with context-sensitive links. We have also reviewed and improved the English and German message texts of all notifications – improvements for additional languages will follow.

NEW: Free Observer Users

Starting with release 15 we make all observer users free of charge. This means that you can even open up our free Group Server edition to as many observers as you like. We want you to have the ability to share your project and portfolio management insights with your coworkers, upper management, partners, and maybe even your customers.

Please note that we of course also support this on our cloud platforms, but we offer free observers on a “fair use” basis. In other words, we reserve the right to set a technical limit of the maximum number of observers per site in the future if such a limit seems necessary in order to ensure good scalability and performance.

NEW: onepoint 360 Version 1.7

onepoint 360 1.7 improves our offline-capable portfolio dashboard in multiple areas, e.g., the schedule now handles very short projects much better and the project detail view adds new fields such as the project’s description. Additionally, the new version also supports the 12 inch iPad Pro’s large screen and includes a number of bug fixes.

Get onepoint 360 from the iTunes App Store

NEW: onepoint ME Version 1.1

onepoint ME 1.1 is the first update that substantially incorporates feedback from our end users. As such, it contains many usability improvements and also a number of bug fixes. In addition, a number of new features from onepoint PROJECTS 14.1 can now directly be leveraged also from within onepoint ME such as, e.g., the ability to directly assign todos to projects and other team members, adding descriptions to todos, or using the new todo type “information”.

Get onepoint ME from the iTunes App Store



Email Notifications

Email notifications can be configured via the “Notifications” tool in the system settings area. You can enable them based on the project permission/role of users on each project, i.e., individually for administrators, managers, contributors, and observers (for some notifications only a subset of roles applies).

Some of the more often used email notifications include:

  • Pipeline stage was updated
  • New project plan version available
  • Milestone is due
  • Estimated remaining effort exceeds plan value
  • New status report submitted

In addition, our ultralight workflows that we introduced in onepoint PROJECTS 14 also optionally trigger email notifications. You can enable or disable these notifications directly within the “Workflows” settings tool.

Do not forget to review and if applicable change the notification sender email address in the general settings. If you are on a onepoint PROJECTS Server (on premise) installation make sure that the general configuration for email notifications such as, e.g., the SMTP email server is set correctly in the XML configuration file (this can also be done directly via the configuration wizard when setting up a new onepoint PROJECTS instance).

Finally, a best practice advice: Do not enable too many email notifications in the beginning, otherwise your end users could feel overwhelmed – better to start with just the most important notifications first and then slowly add more based on user feedback.



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