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Dear Readers,

About three years ago we reinvented onepoint PROJECTS by totally redesigning and rewriting the user interface of our leading web-based project and portfolio management solution. Now we are doing the same for our corporate design. In fact, we are bringing it “closer” to what we have done in user interface design during the last few years.

We also applied the same design principles as we did for our HTML 5 user interface redesign: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. So we kept what we liked and what worked (such as for instance, the basic shape of our logo), but carefully redesigned the rest of our corporate design to be more modern, dynamic, and even more “friendly” (in terms of the color space). We also made sure that our new website will also work great on mobile devices by going for a consistent, responsive design and layout — you should definitely check it out if you have not experienced it yet!

One good reason why this was a good time for a new corporate design is also that we have just launched our new YouTube channel which will feature a number of tutorial-style screencasts and other videos. You can already watch the first two tutorials — we will upload additional videos in the following weeks.

Best Regards,

Gerald Aquila, Founder & CEO


Logo & Website Redesign

A few days ago, we launched our new corporate design. For the start, we mainly concentrated on a redesign of our corporate logo and our website:

  • The new logo is based on our existing one, but features new corporate colors and a more modern font
  • We relaunched our website with a new responsive design and a clearer, more concise layout
  • However, we intentionally kept the navigation structure of the website, so you should find your way around things easily
  • To follow our principle “keep it short and simple”, we also shortened most of the text, but without sacrificing content or clarity

Curious? Visit our new website at

NEW: YouTube Channel

We extended our social media presence!

Beside Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, we are now also present on YouTube. Our new corporate channel will focus on tutorials, news and tips:

  • We will start with onepoint PROJECTS tutorials for beginners. The first videos are already available
  • In the next weeks, we will also upload a number of informative videos for our existing customers

Subscribe to the onepoint PROJECTS YouTube channel to be always up-to-date about ongoing product news, tips, and other useful infos around project and portfolio management!

onepoint PROJECTS 14 Enterprise Cloud

At the beginning of February we officially released onepoint PROJECTS 14. First available for our on-premise users, onepoint PROJECTS 14 is now also available on all our cloud servers for more than a week. If you are currently testing onepoint and have not checked out the new version yet you should definitely do so right away!

For more detailed information on onepoint's new features including change request management, ultra-light workflows, integration with Slack, or the global project search, please have a look at our previous onepoint REPORT.




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onepoint PROJECTS is the leading provider of integrated project and portfolio management solutions for innovative project organizations. Unlike traditional PPM software, onepoint PROJECTS integrates formal, agile and JIRA projects into a single project portfolio and resource utilization database. onepoint enables project-oriented organizations to increase project and portfolio transparency, shorten project lead times, better implement best practices and optimize resource utilization. By building on open standards and technologies, providing both cloud-based/SaaS and on-premise installations and with its strategic focus on making PM systems easy to deploy, onepoint redefines ROI for project management solutions.

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