onepoint REPORT No. 47 (Q3&4/2015)

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Dear Readers,

As another year draws to an end, we would like to thank all our customers and partners for their continued support. I believe we are looking back at a very successful year with lots of new features and even new products such as our new mobile app for project contributors “onepoint ME” that we launched last month. If you have not seen it yet you should really check it out, you can get a first impression in the Solutions section below.

We also worked hard in order to deliver our second major release this year, but as we do not compromise on quality, we had to delay onepoint PROJECTS 14 slightly to January next year. However, in order that you can already prepare for the new release we have detailed preview information for you in this onepoint REPORT. We think you will really like the new features which are all part of the base functionality (including our integration with slack!) meaning that you can use all of it even from the free Group Server edition.

Last but not least we will do a major redesign of our corporate identity including a completely new website that we will also launch in January. In order to provide you with a first idea — here is a glimpse of our new logo that you will also see in onepoint 14:

With that, let me wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Best Regards,

Gerald Aquila, Founder & CEO


NEW: onepoint ME — Our New Project Collaboration App

Last month we released our new iOS app onepoint ME which facilitates mobile project collaboration anytime and anywhere.

  • Focusing on the project contributor it provides quick access to todos, activities, time tracking and recent events.
  • Ad hoc activities and milestones can be created directly from within the app. The same is possible with tracking time, or completing missing times.
  • A user-oriented stream aggregates individual project streams for the first time.
  • All views can be filtered by project.
  • Users can even work without an Internet connection. All data will be stored locally and synced with onepoint PROJECTS as soon as you are online again.

As usual, usability is very important to us and onepoint ME’s design is highly mobile-optimized. We want to mention one aspect in particular: We developed a unique time tracking feature because typing in numbers on small devices is not really convenient. So tracking time is now possible with just a simple gesture.

onepoint ME is available from the iTunes App Store for free — all you need is a user account on a onepoint PROJECTS server or cloud.

onepoint PROJECTS 14: Detailed Preview

Our upcoming major release onepoint PROJECTS 14 will be available in January next year. This time we focused on two major areas: improving project team collaboration (consistent with our new onepoint ME app) and extending support for standards-based project management:

  • Global project search. The new search icon is located right between the user name in the top right corner of the onepoint browser window. By clicking on the search icon a popover search field appears where you can quickly enter your search query. Search results will be displayed directly below the search field. You can currently search for projects, portfolios, and project templates within name, description, and project number fields.
  • Change request management. Major project changes, e.g., new deliverables, budget changes etc. have to be documented and often also approved for transparency reasons. onepoint PROJECTS 14 now provides built-in change request management functionality so that you can replace another Excel sheet using a more robust and automated approach. Change requests can be issued from the new “History” tab in the project details which replaces the previous “Versions” tab and also stores a revision-safe history of all your change requests and their status.
  • Ultralight Workflows. We also wanted to reduce time to action by providing what we call “ultralight” workflows. In contrast to more traditional approaches, our ultralight workflows are really lightweight approval requests that are only started when a user does not have sufficient permissions in order to do something in onepoint directly. This way, the system stays dynamic, but project communication is accelerated when an approval step is needed. We initially support five kinds of approval workflows: Pipeline stage change, project decision, project closure, resource assignment, and change request approval.
  • Integration with slack. slack is currently the most hyped real-time business communication tool on the market and we have been using it ourselves for a few months now. Using onepoint PROJECTS 14 teams will be able to create todos and ad hoc activities directly from within a slack conversation. In addition, projects can be linked to slack “channels” meaning that all project activity stream events will get automatically inserted into the slack channel. Using our new slack integration we bring integrated real-time communication to project teams.

As always, we also included a number of smaller improvements that have been requested directly by our end users, for instance:

  • Users can now edit multiple activities at once, e.g., easily changing the category (color), or responsible resource for a number of activities in a project plan.
  • Contributors will be allowed to create todos within projects. Until now, only project managers were allowed to create todos within a project and contributors could only create todos for themselves.

Last but not least, we have further improved performance and scalability for our bidirectional JIRA integration.



Time & Progress Tracking

Time tracking can be traced back to the beginning of the 19th century. The benefits are obvious. Productivity can be increased, breaks and unproductive time are easily definable and project planning can be improved. Nowadays real project management without time tracking is hard to imagine.

However, since time tracking is typically not the most popular activity throughout project organizations, it should be as easy as possible. For this reason onepoint PROJECTS is providing three practical ways to track times:

  • “Quick-complete” for quick time and progress tracking on a single activity. In the MY WORK area under “My Activities”, you will see small quick-complete icons to the left of each activity that also show the status of each activity. By clicking on such an icon a quick-complete popover will appear that already suggests the planned effort for this workday and the “Effort” field will already be active so you can start typing right away or simply hit the ENTER key to track the suggested effort.
  • Using “Track Time” for tracking time and progress for multiple activities. If you want to track time for multiple activities the fastest way is to select the activities in question in your activity list and then select the “Track Time” toolbar item. This way you will get a pre-filled time sheet in the form of a dialog window where you can quickly enter actual effort and open estimations including comments for the whole current workweek. In the same way you can also edit previously tracked time from your “Time & Costs” view.
  • The onepoint ME app for tracking time and progress on the go. With onepoint ME’s “Activity” view you get a very unique way of tracking time and progress: when you tap on the progress symbol to the left of an activity, two circular controls will appear. The left control allows you to adjust the tracked actual effort, the right control the remaining open effort for the activity. The nice thing about this is that you simply use a circular gesture to do this rather than typing in numbers. In addition, you can use onepoint ME to do offline time tracking. The app will store all time and progress tracking information locally and automatically sync it back to onepoint PROJECTS when you are online again.


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