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Dear Readers,

Welcome to our latest onepoint REPORT. I am happy that we have now shipped onepoint PROJECTS 13 - our latest major release with a number of great new features such as integrated agenda management, customizable document-style reports, and a highly visual single-project dashboard. Learn more about our new release in the Solutions section below.

Our new free Group Server offering enjoys great download rates and we are especially seeing a number of startups and non-profits looking into it lately. Users also tell us that the Group Server provides a really good way to perform a long-term test with onepoint — without having to secure a budget or approval from upper management. If you are following us for some time but have not yet tested onepoint PROJECTS — now is the best time to get started!

We also want to inform you about two events we will be attending later this year — hope to see many of you there:

  • pma-focus 2015: Austrian’s leading PM event taking place in Vienna on October 15
  • Atlassian Summit 2015: Atlassian’s big user conference — this time in San Francisco and quite late in the year (Nov 3-5)

There will also be our annual user meeting “onepoint CONNECT” in early October. We have already sent out invitations to our current customers to this invitation-only event. We will send out a more detailed agenda shortly.

Best Regards,

Gerald Aquila, Founder & CEO


NEW: onepoint PROJECTS 13

onepoint PROJECTS 13 is now available both on our cloud servers and for download. Beside the Enterprise Cloud/Server versions, also the free Personal and Group Server editions have been updated.

In addition to the following new key features, release 13 also provides more consistent, standards-based naming and a number of general usability improvements:

  • Agenda Management. onepoint is now one of the very few PPM solutions featuring integrated agenda management. Existing todos can be easily reused as agenda items, meeting invitations and minutes can be created easily with the press of a button. In addition, users now also get their own todo lists making it also easier to distribute todos.
  • Document-Style Reports. Since onepoint 9 we have supported document-style standard reports such as project order, project status, or project closure. Now with release 13 these reports can not only be easily customized with the built-in report wizard, but you can also create your own document-style reports. The new agenda invitation and meeting minutes reports are of course also customizable.
  • Project Dashboard. One of the few things that have been missing in onepoint PROJECTS in the past was a single-project dashboard - not anymore. onepoint 13 features a highly-visual project dashboard that provides a great 360 degrees project overview. Please note that this is also only the beginning of our journey into web-based dashboards, there is more to come throughout the next releases.

IMPORTANT: Please inform your users about the naming changes before installing the new release. The most important naming changes are highlighted in the changes file that comes with the new release and a summary has already been published in the previous onepoint REPORT.

So, what are you waiting for? Download your free onepoint PROJECTS Group Server and get started — risk free and without obligations :-).



Agenda Management

Starting with onepoint 13 our leading PPM solution now also provides integrated agenda management. This means that we have replaced the “Checklist” with a new “Todos” tool that allows you to easily create agendas based on your ongoing todos. In addition, it is possible to have multiple agenda streams by defining “topics” and assigning agendas to these topics.

In order to create a new agenda you only have to open the “Show” drop-down and choose “New Agenda”. You will then be able to use the “Show” chooser to switch between your “Todos” and your agendas. You can provide some general information such as a title, place, time, and a description. You can then directly choose your participants from your project team members. Your currently open todos will be automatically added to the new agenda, but you can of course remove some of them if you want to, or also add additional todos.

Once you have drafted your agenda you can easily create a document-style PDF invitation report that you can email to your participants. During the meeting you can directly add notes to the todos in your agenda, there is also a text area for recording other meeting notes. Again you can simply create a meeting minutes PDF report with the press of a button.

Finally, you can submit your agenda (similar to submitting a status report) what will “freeze” the agenda in time and archive it in a revision-safe way. Please note that you then cannot change this agenda anymore — it will be as if you printed and archived it on paper, but without the paper (and with the advantage that all information will also be accessible from custom reports via the report wizard :-).

Everyone has project meetings, so we think the new agenda management feature is not just a cool feature, but a really practical one, too. And you will be able to get rid of one more Word or Excel template and you will not miss it, since you will save a lot of typing and time when conducting your meetings with the help of onepoint PROJECTS.



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