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Dear Readers,

We had a very good and productive user meeting at our “onepoint CONNECT 2014” – many thanks again to everyone who participated, we got great feedback on our planned new features for our next two major releases. We will announce more details about the exciting upcoming new features in onepoint PROJECTS 13 to the public in our fall newsletter. If you want to get more insight earlier in the future I suggest you join us at next year’s onepoint CONNECT ;-).

We are also proud to be again mentioned as a “Visionary” in leading IT analyst Gartner’s latest “Magic Quadrant for Cloud-Based IT Project and Portfolio Management Services”. Cloud is becoming more important for us every year, but we also stay committed to our server/on premise products. The recent emergence of a major trend towards the “hybrid cloud” validates what we have been preaching all along: the public cloud is great for some customers, but it is not the solution for everyone. We have also decided to provide a “middle ground” by offering a new private cloud service that has already been deployed for one of our most important customers and will be available as an “official” new service later this year.

We have also once more released another update to our current release: onepoint PROJECTS 12.1 Update 2 – again much more than just an update, more details can be found in the “Solutions” section below. Additionally, we will continue to further improve our new two-way JIRA integration over the summer as initial customer feedback is now starting to pour in.

Finally, a quick reminder about our upcoming events in fall:

  • Atlassian SUMMIT 2014 – San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA, USA - September 9-11, 2014
  • pma focus 2014 - Ottakringer Brauerei, Vienna, Austria – October 16, 2014
  • PM SUMMIT 2014 - Holiday Inn Munich City, Munich, Germany – November 17, 2014

If all goes according to plan we will already be able to show you a sneak peak of our user interface and reporting facelift for onepoint PROJECTS 13 in early September at the Atlassian SUMMIT in San Jose – I promise you, you will definitely like it :-).

Best Regards,

Gerald Aquila, Founder & CEO


onepoint PROJECTS 12.1 Update 2

Once more an update that not just improves overall stability and performance, but also delivers a number of smaller features and usability improvements – especially for our new Portfolio Analysis Option based on your feedback so far:

  • Major performance and stability improvements for our new two-way JIRA integration – based on early customer feedback
  • Quick-navigation from resource utilization popovers directly to the respective activities within the project activity list
  • Quick-navigation from tabular “Analyze” view to the project “Evaluation” properties area (Portfolio Analysis Option)
  • Define inverse criteria also for manual criteria for criteria catalog (Portfolio Analysis Option)
  • Easily view work records for activities directly within the activity detail dialog
  • Quickly exchange one assigned resource for another in the activity list using the context menu (right mouse button)
  • Ability to show resource allocation on a weekly basis in the resource allocation view (new view-type)
  • Optional clearing of locked hours using invoice number and date in the “Time & Costs” area (needs to be configured by the administrator in the system settings)
  • Automatic “flattening” of portfolio hierarchies when using IN-queries for reporting on sub-portfolios in wizard-based reports
  • Full reporting access to portfolio evaluation/portfolio analysis information via a new report type “Projects with Ratings” (Portfolio Analysis Option)

onepoint PROJECTS 12.2 Update 2 is already available for you to download and also our cloud servers have already been updated earlier this week. All our customers with active support contracts have received the download links via email from our support team.



Dynamic Project Symbols

When we created the Portfolio Analysis Option we wanted to provide traditional, well known visualizations such as a prioritization table and of course configurable bubble charts, but we also wanted to add something new and unique. After a number of discussions with the Know Center, Austria’s leading competence center for knowledge-based applications, we ended up with something we called “dynamic project symbols”.

The idea behind those dynamic project symbols is to combine the concepts of an infographic with that of an icon image: you create an infographic that also makes sense when visualized with only about 100 pixels in width, so you can display many symbols on the same view in order to compare and analyze them together. The benefit? Displaying not just four dimensions as is possible with a traditional bubble chart, but up to 12 dimensions in a single visualization.

These are the project dimensions that you can see in a dynamic project symbol (from the “inside out”):

  • Overall percentage complete of the project via the filling degree of the center disc
  • A project risk indicator (“!”) that appears if the risk traffic light is yellow or red
  • The project’s earned value progress in percent for effort, cost, and dates (indicated via the resource, cost, and time icons)
  • The project traffic light colors for effort, cost, and dates traffic lights as the color of the earned value progress indicator
  • The current project pipeline status via the colored status arrow on the top
  • The top-level phases or work packages with their up-to-date percentage completes (again via the filling degree)

Additionally, you can define different view-types based on one-dimensional (floating), or two-dimensional (x/y) sorting based on project evaluation/portfolio analysis criteria, as well as a more experimental clustering option.

Dynamic project symbols are available since onepoint PROJECTS 12 and require the Portfolio Analysis Option (PAO). For more details see our updated Portfolio Analysis Option data sheet – or contact us for a free test drive of the PAO at



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