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Dear Readers,

Some of you have already heard about it, some are already testing it: onepoint’s all new, two-way JIRA integration is now available with our latest release onepoint PROJECTS 12.1. If you are using JIRA and are interested in explicit project and/or resource planning of JIRA projects get the free trial now and start trying out the new features. We have also published a free white paper on our website titled “Next Generation Project & Resource Management for Atlassian's JIRA”. I strongly suggest that you check it out if you are already using JIRA, or if you are looking into JIRA.

You will also find more information about our latest release and our next updates in the “SOLUTION” section below. In addition, the “SPOTLIGHT” of this onepoint REPORT also covers the overall workflow of our new two-way JIRA integration.

This month we are also starting our annual event schedule beginning with our 4th global user meeting that is for the first time taking place very close to our home town of Graz, Austria, at Schloss Obermayerhofen from May 19-20 – a gorgeous, unique location for “onepoint CONNECT 2014”. Public events that we will be part of in the 2nd half of this year include:

  • Atlassian SUMMIT 2014 – San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA, USA - September 9-11, 2014
  • pma focus 2014 - Ottakringer Brauerei, Vienna, Austria – October 16, 2014
  • PM SUMMIT 2014 - Holiday Inn Munich City, Munich, Germany – November 17, 2014

What’s next? Starting with our next major release we will shift our development focus to improving daily project collaboration (of course also with JIRA always on our mind ;-). As most other web-based “real” project management software vendors we long focused mainly on the “hard facts” of PPM – now we will start to bring in more “soft facts” and I strongly believe you will very much like what you will see later this year!

Best Regards,

Gerald Aquila, Founder & CEO


onepoint PROJECTS 12.1 Enterprise Cloud/Server

onepoint PROJECTS 12.1 focuses exclusively on the next generation of our real-time JIRA integration: enabling explicit project and resource planning for JIRA through true two-way syncing and consistent integration into the edit/check-in project planning workflow. This is by far the most significant update to our JIRA integration since launching it in fall 2010 and includes the following new features:

  • Dynamic syncing of new JIRA tasks and issues to onepoint (as ad hoc tasks and issues)
  • Creating and maintaining complex project plans in onepoint and “pushing” them to JIRA at check-in time (enabling explicit project and resource planning for JIRA)
  • Taking over JIRA tasks and issues into project plans – just like normal ad hoc tasks and issues in onepoint
  • Real-time, two-way syncing of changes to ad hoc tasks and issues
  • Real-time, two-way syncing of new comments and attachments
  • Your choice of tracking progress in JIRA/TEMPO (with real-time syncing back to onepoint) or in onepoint PROJECTS
  • All the great portfolio management, resource utilization, risk management, project monitoring, controlling, and reporting features of onepoint PROJECTS for your JIRA projects

If you want to test the new version of the JIRA Connector Option and you do not yet have a license for the JCO option, please contact your key account manager, or simply let us know at It is absolutely no problem for us to temporarily enable options you have not yet licensed for testing purposes – of course free of charge.

ROADMAP: onepoint PROJECTS 12.1 Update 1

Our next update to onepoint PROJECTS 12.1 goes far beyond a typical bug fixing update by also delivering a number of practical features and usability improvements including:

  • New, clearer project pipeline visualization with improved support for large numbers of projects and vertical scrolling
  • Project-level resource utilization forecasting until the first project plan version is checked-in
  • “Quick-complete” for faster, more efficient, one-click time and progress tracking directly from your task list
  • Improved behavior of draft controlling sheets including the ability to change the controlling period after creating a controlling sheet

onepoint PROJECTS 12.1 Update 1 is expected by end of May for both server and cloud deployment. As always, we will automatically deliver the update to our customers with active support & maintenance contracts as soon as it is available.



(All New) JIRA Connector Option

When we originally launched our first integration with Atlassian JIRA in fall 2010 we were primarily focusing on aggregating information from JIRA to onepoint PROJECTS. We then improved the integration step by step by including time tracking, optimizing the integration by using bulk fetching, adding support for sub-tasks etc.

However, over the last two years it became more and more apparent that what project managers and SCRUM masters really wanted proved to be more control over project and resource planning while maintaining the ability to run projects entirely in JIRA on the team-level. And this is exactly what our new two-way JIRA integration is about: supporting workflows such as the following in a way that project managers can work in a full-featured PPM system while developers and engineers work entirely in JIRA without having to enter a single bit of information twice.

  1. Create the project idea in onepoint and use the new Portfolio Analysis Option (PAO) to analyze and prioritize projects.
  2. Create a first, high-level project plan using our interactive, graphical tools such as the work breakdown structure or the schedule (GANTT chart).
  3. Once it is likely that the project will come to light, connect it to the respective project or version in JIRA – automatically bringing in existing issues, tasks, features, and improvements for easy information reuse.
  4. Check-in the first “official” version of the project plan – take control of project and resource planning including visual resource allocation and utilization. Print an optional PDF project order report based on “live” data.
  5. Execute the project in JIRA – typically including progress & time tracking using JIRA and/or TEMPO. The status of all tasks in onepoint gets automatically updated; comments and attachments sync in both directions, as do newly created ad hoc tasks and issues.
  6. Monitor always up-to-date project information in onepoint including actual personnel costs and proceeds that are automatically calculated when syncing actual hours from JIRA.
  7. Add explicit project controlling to your JIRA projects with minimal effort: Create periodic controlling sheets and print PDF status reports with the press of a button.
  8. Formally close-down the project in onepoint: quickly add closure comments for future reporting on lessons learned through closure controlling sheets and optionally print a PDF project closure report.

For more details see our new two-way JIRA integration white paper and the onepoint PROJECTS 12.1 release notes. An updated version of our PDF manuals covering the new JIRA integration is currently in the works.

For additional information or for a free trial version please contact your key account manager, or the onepoint PROJECTS team at



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