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Dear Readers,

After having introduced our new HTML5 based user interface late last year, we are now returning to our usual release schedule of having one major and one minor release per year. We have released onepoint PROJECTS 11.1 a couple of weeks ago to our existing customer base featuring a new syncing infrastructure for our JIRA integration as well as a number of performance and stability improvements based on feedback from our end-users. The public announcement of the new release will take place next week.

The next step will be to also upgrade our production cloud instances to our new HTML5 user interface which will take place in the next couple of weeks. Our support team will inform our cloud customers about the definitive date as soon as a concrete schedule is set.

What else is going on at Onepoint?

  • Leading analyst firm Gartner once more positioned us as a "Visionary" in their Magic Quadrant for Cloud-Based IT Project and Portfolio Management Services
  • We signed on a number of very interesting new customers in the first two quarters of this year which also resulted in the two most successful quarters in Onepoint's history
  • We had a very nice 3rd global user meeting in late May in Vienna resulting in great new ideas and valuable feedback from our customers
  • We have a new sales office for the Americas in MontrĂ©al (Quebec, Canada) run by Roland Leibundgut who joined the Onepoint family and some of you will remember as a previous "power user" of onepoint PROJECTS from various user meetings :-)

Being already a tradition, Onepoint will be at Austria's leading PM conference pma focus 2013 on October 17 in central Vienna. In addition, for the first time we will be attending the Atlassian Summit next week in San Francisco: Roland Leibundgut will be showing off the latest bells and whistles of our real-time JIRA integration from October 1-3. We hope to see many of you at one of these two great events!

Best Regards,

Gerald Aquila, Founder & CEO


onepoint PROJECTS 11.1 Group/Enterprise Server

onepoint PROJECT 11.1 is the first minor release after onepoint PROJECTS 11, our biggest major release ever featuring our completely redesigned and rewritten new HTML5-based user interface. Based on end-user feedback, we have especially improved the overall navigation performance through increased incremental loading of data, as well as the in-browser recalculation and drawing performance of all interactive planning views (activity list, schedule, WBS).

Beside performance and stability enhancements, we also added a number of smaller new features including:

  • Improved JIRA syncing performance based on JIRA's REST API
  • Support for JIRA sub-tasks for both product and project-level syncing
  • Ability to track project decisions and issues via the "Checklist" tool
  • Several usability improvements including splitting the project properties tab into sub-tabs

We recommend everyone who is already using onepoint PROJECTS 11 to upgrade to onepoint PROJECTS 11.1. For customers still using the Java-based 10.x versions, please also consider our friendly reminder regarding our upgrade recommendation below.

Friendly Reminder: Upgrade Recommendation

onepoint PROJECTS 11 still represents the biggest change we have ever released in a single major version. The complete user interface has been redesigned and reimplemented using a different technology (HTML5). Therefore, even though the current version onepoint PROJECTS 11.1 is production-ready and well-tested, we once more emphasize our upgrade recommendation we sent out to existing customers when releasing the first version of the new user interface: do not upgrade your production system to the new HTML5 user interface without prior testing your data on a test system.



Project Activity "Stream"

The project activity stream was introduced in onepoint PROJECTS 11.1 Update 1 earlier this year and is thus, a relatively "young" feature. The idea behind the project "Stream" tool is to summarize the latest events in a given project in an activity stream that you may know from other tools such as, e.g., Facebook, Jive, or Confluence.

Currently, the "Stream" tool supports the following events - if you have other events you would like to have covered in the project activity stream, please let us know:

  • [User] hast started working on [Activity] - logged when time or progress was tracked for this activity for the first time
  • [User] has completed [Activity]
  • [User] has submitted a (new) controlling sheet
  • [User] has added [Resource] to the project team - logged when a resource manager assigns the resource to the project
  • [User] has added a new comment on [Activity] (the text of the comment follows in a quoted style)
  • [User] has changed the project status to [Status]
  • [User] has created a new version of the project plan (version [Version Number]) - logged after the user pressed the "Check-in" button on a project plan, thus, creating a new project plan version)
  • [User] has created a (new) ad hoc task "[Task Subject]"
  • [User] has created a (new) issue "[Issue Title]"

The stream tool is especially handy if you have been away from a project for a few weeks (e.g., because of a vacation or a sick-leave), or if you simply want to track a project only from time to time and email notifications would be "too much".



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