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Dear Readers,

good things take time. We are very happy with our first on-premise version of onepoint PROJECTS 11 that we released in late October. However, we are facing some delays with the cloud version, mainly due to performance optimizations we needed to do in order for the new HTML5 user interface to also perform well over the Internet. Therefore, the first cloud test version for new prospects is now scheduled for mid-January next year.

The good news is that onepoint PROJECTS 11 Update 1 will be released later today including our new "Stream" tool that features a project-oriented activity stream. In parallel, we have also sent out a new update for Onepoint Project 10.3 that consolidates all hotfixes we did in the last months and is schema-compatible with onepoint PROJECTS 11 (so you can try out the new HTML5 user interface risk-free if upgrading from Onepoint Project 10.3 Update 3, because you can easily downgrade again if you are missing anything in the new UI).

As some of you have already noticed, we have also renamed our product slightly to "onepoint PROJECTS". The major reason for this is that we wanted to further emphasize our focus on MULTI-project management for some time and now was the perfect time to do this.

So what's next? As already hinted at in the last report we are already working on new features (more about this in the "Solution" section below) while at the same time further improving the stability and performance of our new HTML5 version. Instead of delivering many new features in a single major release we will most probably have a number of smaller releases over the next year. I will tell you more about our release schedule for 2013 in the next Onepoint Report.

With this, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Best Regards,

Gerald Aquila, Founder & CEO

P.S. Please note that we had to CANCEL our presentation at IT-MULTIPROJEKTMANAGEMENT, since the organizer has moved the conference short-term from January 17 to 21.


onepoint PROJECTS 11 Group/Enterprise Server

onepoint PROJECT 11 features a redesigned user interface on basis of HTML5. The major benefit of this new major release is that normal end-users no longer require Java on the client (no plug-in). The new version also introduces a new key feature: visual resource planning using the "Resources" planning view (see "Spotlight" for more information on this practical new functionality).

Current limitations include that the Agile Planning Option (APO) is not available yet for onepoint PROJECTS 11 and not all browsers are supported at this time. Support for the APO and all browsers is expected in an upcoming Update 2.

onepoint PROJECTS 11: Upgrade Recommendation

onepoint PROJECTS 11 represents the biggest change we have ever released in a single new version. The complete user interface has been redesigned and reimplemented using a different technology (HTML5). Therefore, we once more emphasize our upgrade recommendation we sent out to existing customers when releasing the new version: do not upgrade your production system to the new HTML5 user interface without prior testing your data on a test system.

If you do not have a separate test system the new Update 3 for Onepoint Project 10.3 is schema-compatible to onepoint PROJECTS 11, i..e, this version lets you safely downgrade again if the new HTML5 version is not yet sufficiently stable or complete for your needs.

NEW in Update 1: Project Stream & Daily Comments

Beside many bug fixes, stability and performance improvements, the first update for onepoint PROJECTS 11 includes also two nice new features:

  • Project "Stream". One of our goals for next year is to add more social features to onepoint PROJECTS. The project-oriented activity stream in the new "Stream" tool is the first functionality we are adding in this area. The Stream tool views all recent events that happened within a project. Event types covered in the first version include activity progress, new project plan versions, and submission of controlling sheets.
  • Daily Comments. The European Union and the FFG in Austria now require daily comments to effort and progress on work packages for grant projects. In order to still allow our customers to use the simplified, weekly effort tracking, we have introduced daily comments that can be accessed by expanding individual work records within a work slip. Daily comments must be explicitly enabled in the system settings.

ROADMAP: JIRA Two-Way, Portfolio Analysis, Advanced Risks

In parallel to further improving onepoint PROJECTS 11, we are already working on new features to be released in 2013. Beside many smaller improvements, we are currently designing and prototyping three new key features:

  • Project Portfolio Analysis. Until now Onepoint provides many multi-project management features, but it lacks one crucial portfolio management functionality: portfolio analysis and prioritization based on configurable rating criteria, support through project portfolio bubble charts.
  • Advanced Risk Management. onepoint PROJECTS supports basic risk management with configurable risk categories for some time. The planned extensions include a risk traffic light, more standard risk fields, as well as support for planning of risk avoidance and mitigation measures.
  • Two-Way JIRA Integration. Currently Onepoint supports two use cases for JIRA integration: mirroring a JIRA project as a dynamic project in Onepoint and synchronization on the product/requirements management level. In the near future we also want to support a 3rd use case: Maintaining a JIRA project plan in Onepoint for explicit resource planning while pushing changes to JIRA when committing new project plan versions, but still aggregating time and progress tracking information from JIRA.

For these three key features we are also in the process of creating requirements documents that we will share with interested prospects and customers. Let us know if you are interested in providing feedback in one of these areas and we do not yet have you "on the list" :-).



"Resources" Planning Tool

The "Resources" planning view is one of the major new features in onepoint PROJECTS 11. It shows the resource utilization of the project team (i.e., the resources and pools assigned to the project) and also the individual tasks that make up this utilization when expanding a single resource or pool row.

You will notice that there are both colored bars (similar to the ones in the overall resource utilization chart) and shaded areas in the background using the same colors (although smoother). The shaded areas are visualizing the "background utilization", i.e., the utilization of this resource in all other projects despite this one. The bars show you the total utilization (including this project). This way you can really "see" how much your project's team is already utilized in other projects when scheduling new projects.

The major advantage of this new planning view over the existing resource utilization view across all projects is that this view is fully interactive. You can move individual activities on the time line, increase or decrease the duration of an activity, or you can reassign an activity to another resource or pool and all via drag & drop.

A typical application for this new feature is to support you in team meetings in order to facilitate real-time resource scheduling, leveling and conflict resolution. Since all changes are really visualized instantly and you no longer have to switch between multiple views, we strongly believe that this will be one of the key features that people will not want to miss in the future.



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