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Dear Readers,

redesigning and recreating the complete user interface of a full-featured PPM solution using a new technology is a major undertaking. After nearly two years of usability tests, prototyping and development we are finally ready to provide our customers and prospects with a first BETA version of Onepoint Project 11. Our capable support team will notify existing support customers automatically when the BETA release is available within the next days. If you are not yet one of our valued customers please see below how you can get your hands on our brand new HTML5 user interface (section "Solution").

I am sure that the next question that pops up in your heads is: "When will the final version be available?". The answer is: really soon, but we will not compromise on quality. Our plan is to use the summer to create a real stable release and come up with a final version in September. During this time we will also continuously update the BETA version, so that you will literally "see" the release progress over the summer. Please note that the BETA version is of course not intended for productive use and will not be supported as such.

What else is new? We are happy to announce that Gartner has positioned us as a "Visionary" in the 2012 "Magic Quadrant for Cloud-Based PPM Services". We are very proud about this and you can read more about our positioning and the new MQ in general in our most recent press release.

But what's next? The new user interface technology provides us with many new possibilities that we want to make even better use of for the next release. Beside such usability enhancements we will mainly focus on two-way JIRA synchronization and improved project portfolio management (prioritization with bubble charts, advanced risk management, dependency management). More about this in the next Onepoint Report.

When can you see Onepoint Project 11 "live" and in public? I will be speaking and we will be exhibiting at the I-KNOW conference from September 5-7 in Graz and at the pma-focus from October 17-18 in Vienna, Austria. As always, we hope to see many of you there!

Best Regards,

Gerald Aquila, Founder & CEO


Onepoint Project 11 BETA Release

Onepoint's upcoming first BETA release of Onepoint Project 11 featuring the new and redesigned HTML5 user interface will be available early next week. All current support customers and all prospects that have already expressed a concrete interest in testing Onepoint Project 11 will automatically get an email invitation to the BETA program from our support team.

This first BETA version focuses on the Onepoint Project Group/Enterprise core functionality (without optional modules). Subsequent updates to the BETA releases will then add all optional modules such as, e.g., the Controlling Cycle Option (CCO) and the JIRA Connector Option (JCO) over the summer. There might be also secondary infrastructure functionality still missing in the first BETA version such as, for instance, HTML printing.

If you are not yet a Onepoint customer and want to get your hands on the BETA version please email us at

Upgrade Path to Onepoint Project 11

Onepoint Project 11 will be a "normal" major release that is available as a free update to every customer with a valid support contract. There are no special migration steps that will be needed to be performed, so migration will be automatic as known from previous versions of Onepoint.

Please note that even all user and user interface settings are auto-migrated to the HTML version, so no need to manually reconfigure anything. In order to keep migration risk to a minimum we will also come up with an "Update 4" of Onepoint Project 10 that will use the exact same database schema version, so you can cross-grade between the "old" and the new user interface, e.g., for testing and training purposes.



Report Wizard

The report wizard is one of the most recognized features of Onepoint, because it allows you to query nearly any kind of data in a very flexible way. The wizard provides all manager-level users with the ability to create their own tabular and matrix reports which they can either use themselves, or share them with other Onepoint users.

There are two types of wizard reports:

  1. Tabular Reports. A tabular report is a normal table-style report where you can freely choose which data columns are displayed. Optionally you can define up to four levels of grouping and sorting. Most reports that you will create will be tabular reports.
  2. Matrix Reports. A matrix report lets you choose a single field which is then displayed for all columns; the columns are selected indirectly via implicit grouping over the selected matrix field. Typical matrix reports are time series (i.e., by choosing a date field for the matrix field).

Regardless of the chosen type of report you can either "run" the report inside the web browser, or you can export it to three different output formats:

  • Portable Document Format (PDF). Perfect for printing, emailing and archiving, as the PDF version features the same basic layout as the document-style IPMA-based standard controlling reports.
  • Microsoft Excel (XLS). Best if you want to make adjustments or additions to the report in Excel; the report is also nicely formatted in a similar way as the PDF report.
  • Comma Separated File (CSV). The CSV or text version is typically created for exporting specific data for use with 3rd party applications, but can also be used to read and process "raw" data via Excel macros.

As always, flexibility also means that you need some knowledge and also experience to master the report wizard. A good starting point is our Onepoint database schema documentation, a short PDF document describing the structure of the most common business objects and database tables in Onepoint; you can obtain the newest version of this document via emailing our support team.

Also highly recommended: our half-day report wizard training where we go through the Onepoint business objects, the overall database structure and create a few reports together. This training can be either delivered on site, online in the form of two webinar sessions, or you can visit us at our headquarters in Graz. Please contact our sales team via for a quote and possible dates.



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