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Dear Readers,

another year slowly comes to an end and it was a great year for Onepoint. We are happy to report that Onepoint has not only become profitable in 2011, but we also recorded about 90% revenue growth compared to last year and we have signed on more than 40 new enterprise customers. We are especially proud that we could close our largest deal this year in the US by winning one of our newest reference customers, ISO, a member of the Verisk Insurance Solutions group at Verisk Analytics.

Two of our major success factors in 2011 were clearly our integration with Atlassian's JIRA and our integrated support for agile PM in general. We have also recently integrated with Microsoft Outlook/Exchange by launching our new Exchange Connector Option (more details in the Solution section below). And you will see even more integrations from us and our partners in 2012.


But there are also other interesting things in the pipeline: our new HTML5 user interface is already taking shape and will be launched in Spring 2012 as an integral part of our next major release. We will do "something" small, but very nice in the area of social PM that I do not want to talk about yet. And we will have one new, very practical feature in Onepoint Project 11 that will help you tremendously with resolving resource conflicts - read more about this upcoming feature in the Solution section. Beyond this, you will also see major improvements in risk management and on the strategic portfolio management level later in 2012.

As you see, one year might be nearly over, but a whole new interesting year lies before us. With this, I wish you Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a perfect start into the New Year!

Best Regards,

Gerald Aquila, Founder & CEO


Onepoint Exchange Connector Option

We publicly released the new Exchange Connector Option (ECO) only last month. By then, the new integration option was already in use at a selected number of our customers who were willing to beta-test the new module. The ECO was developed by Codebox, one of our longtime German partners and provides three major functionalities:

  • Push-synchronization of Onepoint tasks to Microsoft Outlook/Exchange
  • Integration of Outlook/Exchange absences as Onepoint unavailability periods
  • Inline access to Onepoint's Time & Costs view from Microsoft Outlook

For more information about the Exchange Connector or if you want to test-drive the new option please contact our sales team at

Onepoint Project 11: Resource Scheduling

While our upcoming major release is mainly focused on the new and redesigned HTML5 user interface, we also wanted to provide at least one major new feature: a visual resource scheduling tool. This new tool will be fully integrated with our other project planning tools and provides you with an interactive, real-time resource utilization view.

The "background" utilization is visualized using half-transparent colors and is not editable - it originates from all other active projects but the current one. The "foreground" utilization shows the utilization that results when adding the currently edited project's resource assignments to the background utilization. The user can now do resource planning and visual conflict resolution simply via drag & drop and get real-time feedback on the resulting changes. The new resource scheduling tool will be part of Onepoint Project 11 which is due in Spring 2012.



Resource Utilization

The "Utilization" tab of the ORGANIZATION/Resources tool shows you the overall resource utilization across all active projects (i.e., not-archived projects). Colored bars show you utilized workdays while white bars show you periods of unavailability. The utilization limits for the color coding can be configured in the administration user interface (ADMINISTRATE/Settings).

The resource utilization chart can help you in many different areas in your day-to-day project and resource management work including:

  • Discovering and resolving conflicts
  • Finding available resources in a certain time frame
  • Playing with utilization scenarios by changing project probabilities
  • Justifying resource demand
  • Visualizing planned absences across time

As already mentioned in the Solutions section, especially in the area of resource conflict resolution we will make another major step forward with Onepoint Project 11 by introducing our new visual resource scheduling tool.



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