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Dear Readers,

it seems that this summer we clearly enjoyed home field advantage. Beside a number of new international customers, we are very happy that we could also sign on so many new customers from Austria including cargo-partner (check out our latest press release below), SKIDATA, Westcam Projektmanagement, and AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals. And of course the home game continues at Austria's most important annual PM event: pma focus 2011 taking place from October 19 to 20 in Vienna. As we will show off a public preview of the new HTML5-based user interface of Onepoint Project 11 for the first time, we hope to see many of you there!

As our overall user base has grown significantly since last year, we also thought that it would be time to hold our first ever user meeting earlier this week in Munich (naturally, including a visit to the Oktoberfest ;-). The meeting was definitely a big success and we got great feedback for our product roadmap planning and more specifically, about our new HTML UI.

But there are even more good news: Gartner has once again included Onepoint in their latest research about the PPM market. Onepoint Project earned a "Promising" rating in the leading analyst firm's 2011 MarketScope for PPM Applications. The only point of critique was that our cloud offering may not be as strong as that of the larger, mainly US-based competition. As you can imagine, we have been listening and we are improving this by launching a separate US cloud shortly (we are already live-testing).

We also have more new products for you in the pipeline. For instance, the first version of our new Exchange Connector Option (ECO) that was developed by our partner Codebox from Stuttgart was released internally a few weeks ago. The new option that allows syncing of tasks and absences with Microsoft Exchange is currently being installed at a number of customers and will be publicly launched in November.

Last but not least, we finally managed to finalize Onepoint's first iPad app: an offline-capable multi-project dashboard. The new app will sync with the server versions of our upcoming Onepoint Project 10.3 Update 1 and will be available for free from the iTunes app store. The dashboard app will be submitted to Apple for review by the end of October and should therefore also be available by November.

We will share more detailed information about both the ECO and the iPad app in our next "Onepoint Report"!

Best Regards,

Gerald Aquila, Founder & CEO


Onepoint Project 10.3 Update 1

Our first update to Onepoint Project 10.3 is mainly fixing smaller issues and consolidating a number of hot-fixes we delivered for our existing customers in the framework of their support and maintenance contracts. This update will also be required to connect from our upcoming "Onepoint 360" iPad app that will be submitted to Apple for review shortly and will be available for free from the iTunes App Store.

The update will be available for download for existing customers and prospects by mid October; our cloud version will be updated shortly afterwards.

Trial versions for Onepoint Project 10.3 are available from our website - both in SaaS/OnDemand form and for on-premise installation. In order to try out optional modules such as our integrated agile PM, the JIRA connector or the Controlling Cycle Option please contact our sales team directly at or by calling us at +43 699 17 17 17 22.

Onepoint Project 11 & HTML5

As indicated earlier, the next major version of Onepoint Project will feature an HTML5-based user interface meaning that no Java will have to be installed on the client-side for end users. The only user that will need Java will be the main "Administrator" user, since we will not yet also adjust the administration UI.

Many of you have asked us for an HTML-only UI, e.g., in order to use it from an iPad or a smartphone, or for easier usage from within high-security environments such as banks. However, as the new release comes closer there were also questions raised about compatibility. The good news: both the database schema and all user preferences as well as administrative settings will be 100% compatible to the 10.3 releases. In other words, beside looking a little bit different and featuring a vast number of improvements, the new HTML-based release will be a "normal" and smooth major release change - just as you are used to at Onepoint.



Multi-Project "Progress" via Trend Bars

The "Progress" tab of the MY WORK/Projects and the PROJECTS/Overview tools can be a really powerful ally, once you understand how it works and what values it displays. As you will see below, it's usage is actually quite straight-forward and not complex at all...

  • The Dates progress bar shows today's date in relation to the currently planned start and finish dates of the project (based on the last checked-in project plan). If there is no plan yet the defined start and finish dates are used. The deviation indicator shows the date deviation according to the "Dates" tab in the PROJECTS/Progress tool.
  • The Effort progress bar shows actual effort compared to projected effort (based on the PROJECT/Progress tool's "Effort" tab); the deviation bar compares actual effort to earned value effort (as calculated for today's date).
  • The Costs progress bar shows actual costs compared to projected costs (based on the PROJECT/Progress tool's "Costs" tab); the deviation bar compares actual costs to earned value costs (as calculated for today's date).

Note that the "Progress" information you are seeing in controlling sheets and project progress reports is exactly this same information.



About the Onepoint Report

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