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Dear Readers,

welcome to our summer issue of the Onepoint Report. Although many people are supposed to be on vacation, it seems to us that times are still rather busy. There are especially many inquiries about JIRA connectivity and project-oriented resource management. A perfect reason to release a new version that improves Onepoint exactly in these areas.

Onepoint Project 10.3 Enterprise & Group Server have been released by the end of June and this Monday we have upgraded our Enterprise & Group Cloud services also to the new version. The new release features JIRA time tracking and remaining effort synchronization as well as a number of resource management improvements.

Our next step is to release the last minor updates of our desktop versions, Onepoint Project Professional & Master within the next few days. As we will move to HTML5 with Onepoint 11, we have decided to focus on the Web- and team-oriented versions. For people who still like to have a "local" database on their computers we will provide a "Personal Server" that will be as easy to install as the current desktop versions, but you will still access its user interface through a web browser. There will also be new open source releases later this summer.

Finally, we wanted to remind you that Onepoint is a gold exhibitor at pma focus 2011, the leading PM event in Austria. The pma focus will take place in Vienna on October 19 and this will be the first time that we will publicly show an early version of Onepoint Project 11 with its HTML5 user interface :-). Hope to see many of you there!

Best Regards,

Gerald Aquila, CEO


Onepoint Project 10.3: JIRA & Resource Management

Onepoint Project 10.3 focuses on JIRA connectivity and resource management improvements. The new release adds JIRA time tracking and effort estimation synchronization, as well as a resource forecasting tool in the form of a histogram based on planned resource utilization and project probabilities.

  • JIRA Time Tracking Support. Onepoint Project 10.3 once more extends our industry-leading JIRA integration. The new version adds support for real-time synchronization of JIRA time tracking information and effort estimations. All synced data is automatically aggregated across projects and resources.
  • JIRA Program Management. Support for sub-projects synced from JIRA has also been improved. For instance, controlling of which activities of a JIRA project are visible in a master-project or program has now become much more easy. This helps especially in areas such as JIRA roadmap planning.
  • Resource Demand Forecasting. The new version of Onepoint features a demand forecasting tool in the form of a histogram based on planned resource utilization data and project probabilities. This chart helps to estimate overall demand of project resources over time based on the likeliness of project wins/approvals.
  • Resource Planning Improvements. Beside a number of smaller usability improvements, we added a new feature that allows project managers to quickly take over effort progress information into the working copy of a project plan. This new planning functionality definitely takes the pain out of frequent re-planning.

Trial versions for Onepoint Project 10.3 are available from our website - both in SaaS/OnDemand form and for on-premise installation. In order to try out optional modules such as our integrated agile PM, the JIRA connector or the Controlling Cycle Option please contact our sales team directly at or by calling us at +43 699 17 17 17 22.



Histogram-based Resource Forecast

The new "Histogram" tab of the "Resources" tool (tool group "Organization") provides an easy to read, visual resource utilization forecast based on planned resource utilization and project probabilities.

The utilization values are consistent with the ones found in the "Allocation" and "Utilization" views and are based on the latest checked-in project plan versions as well as personal working copies (as far as they exist for the active user). The utilization values are grouped into the following probability categories that are then "stacked" onto each other:

  • Below 50% (gray)
  • Pipeline (50% or higher probability; orange)
  • Upside (75% or higher probability; yellow)
  • Underpin (99% probability; light green)
  • 100% (decided/planned; dark green)

In addition, you can see the currently maximal available hours in the form of a thick, black line ("Available").



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