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Dear Readers,

welcome to a special issue focusing on our new major release Onepoint Project 10. We launched the new release with the Enterprise/Group Server versions earlier this month and finalized the commercial launch with the upgrade to Onepoint Project 10 Enterprise Cloud last Friday. Now that everyone has or can have access to the new version, we want to inform you in more detail about the new features in our new EPM software release.

This said, the "Solution" section provides you with in-depth information about new features and improvements. If you want to know more about our upcoming iPad multi-project dashboard app please check out our new "Innovation Blog" on our website. We will use this new weblog to provide you with more information about our short- to mid-term roadmap including our agile project management strategy and our planned integration with Atlassian's JIRA.

Finally, don't forget to join us at the Happy Projects event this Thursday and Friday (May 27-28) at the TechGate in Vienna if you have the chance. We will be showing Onepoint Project 10 Enterprise Server live including the prototype of our new iPad dashboard app!

Best Regards,

Gerald Aquila, CEO


Onepoint Project 10: New Features & Improvements

Onepoint Project 10 Enterprise Server/Cloud represents the next generation of our easy to use enterprise project management solution. The new release provides a number of new features and improvements including:

  • Improved Tool Navigation. We changed the overall tool navigation in order to gain additional clarity by consolidating a number of tools into fewer ones. This user interface facelift mainly affects the project monitoring tools (Resource, Costs and Dates in the PROJECTS tool group will be consolidated into a single "Monitoring" tool) and the RESOURCES tool group (all resource management views will be accessible from a single, more consistent "Resources" tool in the new "ORGANIZATION" tool group).
  • Multiple Project Pipelines. Already today the project pipeline is one of the most well-received tools in Onepoint Project. Release 10 makes it even better by providing additional pipeline views based on "Effort", "Costs" and "Dates".
  • Advanced Cost Controlling. In release 9.1 we have introduced the "Progress" tool that allows the project manager to easily enter and correct effort-to-complete (ETC) estimations. With the new release we are bringing cost-to-complete (CTC) estimations to the Progress tool. In addition, we have prepared the reporting engine to work with Earned Value (EV) data - on the basis of both effort and costs.
  • Dynamic Pool Assignments. Until recently, assigning a pool to a project meant that all resources that have been part of this pool at the time of the assignment have been assigned to the project individually. With Onepoint Project 10 you are able to create dynamic pool assignments both on the project and on the activity level, meaning that all resources who are part of this pool at a given point in time can work on the assigned activity, track time and cost, report progress and even add comments.
  • Extended Resource Management. We extended the overall resource management capabilities of Onepoint Project with the new release. Beside resource and pools, we introduced "linked resources" and "collection resources". A linked resource allows to link one resource into multiple pools. A collection resource is used to more clearly visualize a user's resource utilization who is associated with multiple resources.
  • Automatic Traffic Lights (CCO). In our previous release we did a major redesign of the Controlling Cycle Option (CCO) that was very well received by our customers - especially by those who are implementing project management according to the IPMA standard. With the new release we go one step further and allow to set the CCO traffic lights for effort, costs and dates automatically by the system based on configurable limits. We strongly believe that this is a very interesting new project controlling feature. This feature is optional, so you can also set the traffic lights manually in the future.
  • Matrix Report Wizard. Since we introduced the report wizard in release 9, our users have created many reports and provided us with tons of feedback that we have used to make it even better in Onepoint Project 10. Beside major usability improvements, we are introducing matrix reports with the new release that can be created much in the same way as tabular reports today. In addition, we have finally replaced the "old" built-in tabular reports with preconfigured report wizard reports that you can easily customize to your own needs.
  • REST & Web Services API. In order to improve Onepoint's overall integration capabilities we are launching the new REST and Web Services API framework with the new release. The first version of the new API mainly provides access to multi-project monitoring and task list information. However, like our email notification framework allows us to easily add email notifications based on our customers feedback, we are able to easily extend our REST & Web Services API over time with additional service objects and methods.
  • iPad Dashboard Prototype. We do not yet know whether Apple's new product, the iPad, will have a future in the project office. However, with its crisp and easy to read display we believe that it could become a great tool for discussing project information during project meetings. The Onepoint iPad app will provide an offline-capable, multi-project dashboard that will automatically update its local project database via the new REST API - preferably over a secure Internet connection (HTTPS). We have already a fully functional prototype and are heading for a public release in June.
  • Easier Upgrading & Deployment. Release 10 also makes the life of your system administrator a little bit easier. Until now they needed to save and restore the configuration, XML backups, custom holiday calendars, custom reports and your license file when they were upgrading a Onepoint installation using a new WAR file. With the new release we are separating the "Onepoint home" from the Onepoint Project software. The Onepoint home stores all your configuration, licensing and backup information in a separate folder. You only need to configure its location once and all future updates will be deployed with a breeze.

In addition, you will see many small usability enhancements - mainly based on your continuous and valuable feedback. Finally, we also improved the rendering of two of our often used charts in order to provide an even better overall user experience: the project pipeline and the interactive work breakdown structure (WBS).

In case you want to test-drive the new release please sign up for a free 60 day trial account or download or contact us directly via email to




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