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Dear Readers,

a new year, a new game - this is especially true this year. It seems that things are really improving now on a broader scale. Time for Onepoint to use the momentum of the upturn and launch a number of innovative products and releases in 2010.

We will start with Onepoint Project 10 which we will finish internally by the end of April; customer and partner shipments will start in early May. Release 10 will feature a minor user interface facelift (navigation), improved cost-to-complete estimations, matrix reports for the report wizard, a number of resource management enhancements and many more smaller improvements in all areas of our enterprise project management solution.

Next will be the launch of our integration with Atlassian's JIRA and integrated support for agile project management (Scrum) later this summer. In order to prepare these steps we already became an official Atlassian partner a few weeks ago and we are already in the middle of the first customer feedback round for both user requirements documents (JIRA and Scrum). If you want to find out more about our upcoming JIRA integration or the planned integrated support for agile PM, or if you would like to provide feedback please contact us directly at

We will come up with many more innovations this year and in order to keep you updated of what we are doing next, we will start an "Innovation" blog on the Onepoint website shortly. We will discuss our upcoming JIRA integration, concepts for integrated Scrum, ideas on innovation management and even present our newest "experiment" - a Onepoint app for Apple's soon to be released "iPad".

Finally, let me remind you that you will find us at the Roland Gareis "Happy Projects" event on May 27 and 28 at the Tech Gate in Vienna, Austria. We will be showing Onepoint Project 10 and possibly already a preview of the upcoming agile project management features as well as the Onepoint iPad app... ;-)

Best Regards,

Gerald Aquila, CEO


Onepoint Project 9.1 Update 2

We released Onepoint Project 9.1 Update 2 yesterday; customer and partner shipments have already started and should be finished until end of this week. Release 9.1 was a very stable version and we did not experience any critical problems in Onepoint Project 9.1 or Update 1. Therefore, Update 2 mainly consolidates a number of minor bug fixes we did for our customers and rounds up release 9.1 with an updated Italian translation.

More detailed information about Onepoint Project 10 will be made available in a special issue of the Onepoint Report. We will also send out a preliminary "What's New" document to all interested parties shortly - please contact us directly at if you want access to this pre-release information.



The Project Pipeline

In this new section of the Onepoint Report we want to introduce features to you that you might not know from other, more traditional project management software solutions. The first feature we will take a closer look at is the project pipeline.

The project pipeline is a very practical tool for keeping track of all your projects in a single view and in order to support you with prioritizing and decision making. With its dynamic nature based on the project status and its traffic light functionalities it serves also as a strategic early warning tool. The project pipeline is most often used by the program and portfolio manager, but increasingly also viewed by upper management and even our customers clients.

The project pipeline shows all currently running projects in their given status. The project statuses are visualized as colored process arrows in the background while the projects themselves are shown as bars in the foreground. The width of the bar denotes the investment size of the project, i.e., its base cost and effort compared to other projects in the pipeline. The black bar in the center of the project bar denotes the degree of completeness (% complete on the project level).

The project bars can also act as traffic lights. A red bar means that a project is 20% or more above the planned cost or effort budget; a green bar means that a project is 20% below both the planned cost and the planned effort budget. Since this feature is so well received by most of our customers, we will extend it in Onepoint Project 10 by adding additional project pipelines (cost, effort, dates) and by making the traffic light limits configurable.

You can find out more about the project pipeline on our Features area on the Onepoint website, or sign up for a free 60 day trial account for our On Demand Edition and try it our for yourself.



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