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Dear Readers,

I am happy to announce that we have released the new major version of Onepoint Project yesterday. We are already in the process of delivering Onepoint Project 9 Group & Enterprise Edition to all our customers that have a support and maintenance contract.

We believe that this new release will have a major impact on how our customers use Onepoint Project, especially in terms of time & cost tracking as well as custom reporting. Beside a major facelift of the whole user interface with numerous improvements, we have also added two new optional modules: the Risk Management Option and the Issue Tracking Option. As usually, both options are only available for the Enterprise Edition and can be ordered from us as of today.

For more information on the new features in Onepoint Project 9 please see the Solution section below and be sure to check out the "Products" area on our Website.

Open Source and On Demand (SaaS) versions of our new software release will be available shortly and will be announced within the next 2-3 weeks.

So, get your hands onto the new version of Onepoint Project by requesting your free 30 day trial version and let us know what you think - we are eager to get your feedback!

Best regards,

Gerald Mesaric, CEO


Onepoint Project 9

Onepoint Project 9 represents our most complete Project & Porfolio Management (PPM) software release so far. By adding flexible custom reporting, project-centric risk management and issue tracking we have completed our vision of a 360 degrees enterprise project management information system (PMIS).

What you will also see when first starting or connecting to a new Onepoint Project 9 installation is that we have done a complete facelift of the user interface incorporating many improvement requests we got over the last couple of months. These improvements include showing the project name and description at the top of every project-centric view, improved navigation between project overviews and individual projects as well as having larger and more easy to read edit toolbars.

You also told us that you wanted to have a weekly detail view when tracking time & cost and a better overview of actual tracked time & cost. So, we have implemented a week-based work slip that tremendously speeds up time tracking (especially, if you only do it once a week). In addition, you wanted more flexible reporting. So we included what we call a "Report Wizard" that lets you design and save your own reports with just five easy to understand steps. You can even share these reports with your co-workers or throughout your team or project organization if you want.

In other words: you talked and we not just listened, but we implemented your requests and did our very best to make Onepoint Project 9 as easy to use, practical and effective as we could.

As usually, all the base functionality can be downloaded in the form of a free 30 day trial - simply go to our free trial website page and choose between the "Professional Edition" (for a desktop application) and the "Group Edition" (for a Web-based, team-oriented version). As already mentioned above, the Open Source and On Demand (SaaS) versions of Onepoint Project 9 are due within the next 2-3 weeks, but on-premise trials can be requested as of today.

NEW: Risk Management Option

The Risk Management Option allows the project manager to enter and track a number of project-specific risks. This simple risk matrix includes an optional risk category, a probability of impact, a monetary impact cost and a risk status. Risk categories are defined organization-wide in order to make risks comparable across projects. All changes in the risk matrix are tracked and stored in version-controlled form.

NEW: Issue Tracking Option

The Issue Tracking Option allows project contributors to easily enter and track project-related issues from their personal task lists. The project manager can specify a issue coordinator who gets all new issues assigned automatically. Issues can be prioritized and have a status as well as an assigned resource. Since issues are also a special form of ad hoc tasks, they can also be used to track actual time & costs. If an issue is not resolved within a given time frame a configurable email alert can be triggered providing a simple, but effective form of issue escalation.


Open Source

Upcoming Onepoint Project 9 & Community Awards

The Open Source versions of our new major release are already in our test labs. You can expect them shortly. All the new user interface improvements including the facelift, extended overview-to-detail navigation and the week-based work slips are part of the Basic & Open Edition. However, the report wizard is available for the commercial versions only (including Professional & Group editions) and of course also the options that are limited to Enterprise Edition customers.

Please do not forget to vote for Onepoint Project as "Best Project for the Enterprise" at the Sourceforge Community Choice Awards! If you did not yet nominate Onepoint in the Enterprise category please do so now by following this link. Thanks a lot for your support!

Stay tuned for the Sourceforge news message that will announce the availability of the new release!


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