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Dear Readers,

the new business year started better than expected - given the current economic situation. However, although Onepoint Project clearly helps with optimizing business processes and provides ROIs fairly quickly, even we see a certain reluctance in investing in new technology. What we can do is to provide you with more options, e.g., improving our already existing optional subscription model by adjusting it more closely to your needs.

Another thing you can do in times like this is to invest in education in the broadest sense. If you want to learn more about project management I suggest that you visit us at one of these four top PM and knowledge management conferences we will be attending in 2009:

  • May 5-6 - FOCUS PROJECTMANAGEMENT TOOLS & LÖSUNGEN 2009 in Würzburg, Germany
  • September 2-4 - I-KNOW '09 in Graz, Austria
  • October 14-15 - PMA Focus of Project Management Austria (PMA) in Vienna, Austria
  • October 14-15 - PM Forum of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement (GPM) in Berlin, Germany

Please note that Mr. Jörn Henkelmann of AMAZONE will give a very interesting talk about their project management solution on basis of Onepoint Project Enterprise Edition in May in Würzburg. AMAZONE is a leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery and this since 125 years.

Another thing we can do is that we focus on adding new functionality that can help you in times like this. And we are doing this with Onepoint Project 9 by introducing two new optional modules for the Enterprise Edition:

  • Risk Management Option
  • Issue Tracking Option

In addition, we are extending the overall reporting features of Onepoint Project. Especially, by adding a "Report Wizard" that will allow manager users to create tabular custom reports without any programming - right inside the application. But more about this in the next issue of the Onepoint Report!

Best regards,

Gerald Mesaric, CEO


Onepoint Project 8.1 & Update 3

We will be starting sending out Onepoint Project 8.1 Update 3 to our commercial customers with an active support & maintenance contract today. This update consolidates a number of problem fixes we did for our commercial customers and is recommended to everyone who is using Onepoint Project in a productive environment.

Even though we did not make major code or database changes in Update 3, please do not forget to always backup your database before installing an update. It is always possible that a small database migration is necessary and eve though in 99.9% of all cases this works automatically and out-of-the-box, there is always this 0.1% change that something goes wrong. We do our best to protect your data, please support us with this.

Update 3 is our final scheduled update for release 8.1; the next planned release will be Onepoint Project 9.

Support for Novell NDS/eDirectory

On basis of a project we did for one of our new industry customers, we were able to implement support for Novell NDS (starting with eDirectory). Since the Novell NDS/eDirectory user directory software is based on the LDAP standard, we only needed to change a few things to make it work with our LDAP-based synchronization framework. Please note that you will need at least Onepoint Project 8.1 Update 2 in order to sync your users and groups from a Novell NDS/eDirectory server.


Open Source

Upcoming Onepoint Project 8.1 Update 3

We will release the open source editions of Onepoint Project 8.1 Update 3 around mid next week. As usually, we will post both binary and source packages. Since we are already approaching the 90,000 downloads we hope you will help us to reach this number quickly when the update is out :-).

Stay tuned for the Sourceforge news message announcing the update!


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