Onepoint Report Nr. 20 (Q4/2008)

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Dear Readers,

before we get to what's new I would like to let you know that our current promotional price of only EUR 499 for the Group Edition will only be valid until end of this year. Starting with January we will be back to our "old" price of EUR 1499 for this entry-level, 5-user package. So, if you want it I suggest you visit our online store and grab it now!

Onepoint had a very good fourth quarter: we have signed on more customers than in any quarter ever before and this is our first clearly profitable quarter. We also got a number of new and very interesting reference customers - you may want check them out on the References page on our website.

We also shipped a feature-loaded release 8.1 and even threw in some "goodies" with Update 1 to this release that we will start delivering today - read more about this in the "Solutions" section below. This Update also introduces two new user interface languages: Italian and Russian meaning that Onepoint Project is now available in 6 different languages.

That said, the team is already preparing for the next release: gathering and analyzing requirements mainly in the areas of risk management, issue tracking as well as more flexible reporting. I believe I speak for the whole team if I say: 2008 has been a very interesting year and we are already eager to see what's next... ;-).

Best regards & merry christmas,

Best regards,

Gerald Mesaric, CEO

P.S. Please note that we will not answer the office phone from December 24 to January 6. If you have a support issue please call our dedicated support hotline number available to all enterprise customers with a support and maintenance contract.


Onepoint Project 8.1 & Update 1

Release 8.1 included so many new features "under the hood" that we originally made it only available to new prospects, but not for existing customers with productive data. Instead, we did many in-house upgrade tests and we are now happy to say that we were able to upgrade all customer databases we were made available successfully with the brand new Onepoint Project 8.1 Update 1.

For those of you who did not have time already to check out Onepoint Project 8.1, let me quickly summarize the most important new features:

  • Advanced project planning (lead and lag times, work breaks, fixed start/finish dates, reverse or start-finish dependencies) including improved MS Project import
  • "What if" planning: you do not need to check-in anymore in order to see changes for yourself in the resource utilization or the milestone trend analysis
  • "Actions" for further breaking down activities or for implementing check lists for milestones
  • Multi-project schedule overview
  • Improved milestone trend analysis (multiple shapes, impossible triangle, zoom in/out functionality)
  • Support for multiple work calendars (per pool, per resource, per project)

In addition, we have added two new options for our Enterprise Edition customers:

  • Availability Scheduling Option: Plan vacations, sick leaves and maintenance periods and have them taken into account when scheduling activitiies as well as visualized in the resource utilization chart
  • Program Management Option: Split large and complex project plans into manageable pieces where each sub-project can be managed by a separate (sub-)project manager

Now, although we obviously did not change anything under the hood with Onepoint Project 8.1 Update 1, we thought it might make sense to throw in a number of new user interface-level features (beside the usual bug fixes) - let's just say it is our Christmas present to you:

  • "One click" sub-navigation from multi-project overviews to single-project planning and controlling views
  • Resource-to-project assignment "shortcut" for the project planning tool
  • Critical path visualization in all single-project schedule views
  • Support for start-start and finish-finish relationships

Finally, Update 1 brings back the full French and Spanish translations as well as two new user interface languages, namely Italian and Russian. I hope you are as excited about release 8.1 and this "end-of-year" update as we are and wish you a successful New Year!


Open Source

81.000+ Downloads & Some Delays

We know that some of you are already waiting for our 8.1 Open Source releases. The good news is that Onepoint Project 8.1 Basic & Open are coming. The not so good news is that they have been delayed. However, it should now only be a couple of working days until these two products hit our Sourceforge downloads page.

As we jump with the Open Source releases directly into "Update 1" you will also get the new goodies (as far as part of the non-commercial source tree) including the sub-navigation functionality. This has been a long-requested feature and allows for much faster navigation from the project overviews to the single project planning and controlling tools.

As always we will announce the availability of the Basic & Open editions via a Sourceforge news message. We will try to deliver the Open Source releases still before Christmas and we are eager to get your feedback for the new release!


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