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Dear Readers,

summertime is over (at least here in Austria, the heart of Europe) and we are starting into the traditionally most active business quarter of the year. So let me tell you briefly what happened in the last three months, before I provide you with some hints on what you can expect in Q4.

First of all, we got a number of new customers including Amazonen-Werke in Germany and the Freitag Reference AG (the famous maker of designer bags) as our first reference customer in Switzerland. Second, we signed on new local solution partners: Obertic for Spain, IZIT for Slovenia, Smart Outcome for Switzerland and North West IT Consulting for South Africa. You see, the Onepoint solution partner network is growing fast - even when most people are on vacation ;-).

Next, we made some changes to our entry-level product offerings: We dropped the Network Edition in favor of a smaller, but much more affordable "Group Edition" for 5 users for just Euro 499 plus taxes. We also cut the price of the Professional Edition to Euro 99 plus taxes for a limited amount of time. Both products are available exclusively in the Onepoint Store, our online shop for business software and documentation. You should definitely check it out if you have not been there before!

Now let me point you to our booth at the SYSTEMS tradeshow taking place from October 21-24 in Munich. Dieter Freismuth and I will be at the booth all four days; also Michael Brand will be there most of the time. Like in the previous two years, you will find us at the IBM partner exhibition in hall B2, booth number 350.

As in the previous years we are launching a new version of Onepoint Project at SYSTEMS. This time it will be Onepoint Project 8.1 as well as two brand new, optional modules for the Enterprise Edition: Program Management & Availability Scheduling. The new release and the additional options will be available to partners and customers in early November.

If you want to take a look before that, I strongly suggest you visit us at SYSTEMS in Munich: we will be showing a pre-release with all the new functionality. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Best regards,

Gerald Mesaric, CEO


Onepoint Project Updates & Previews

In July we shipped Onepoint Project 8 Update 2 that mainly fixed a number of smaller issues and can be seen as a regular maintenance update. In mid-October we will ship Onepoint Project 8 Update 3 that will consolidate a few patches we did over the Summer and fix a security issue that one of our prospective customers in Slovenia discovered.

Both updates contain only bug fixes and no additional functionality. We can safely recommend both updates to all customers. Please note: All updates we ship are always complete updates, i.e., if you intend to upgrade to Update 3 in October you do not prior have to install Update 2 (in case you are still running release 8 or Update 1).

Beside working on updates, the new release and the new options, we also provided a preview version of release 8.1 to a number of strategic customers and prospects. The preview contained functionality such as advanced planning features (start-finish dependencies, work breaks, lead and lag times etc.), program management (sub-projects) and so-called "actions". Overall feedback was very positive and we will use this feedback to polish the new functionality before the final release that is planned for the end of October.

Again, if you want a glimpse of the new features, please visit us at the SYSTEMS tradeshow from October 21 to 24 in Munich, Germany or take a look at our newest press release.


Open Source

72,978 Downloads and Counting

The download counter on showed today the number 72,978. So we strongly believe to reach 75,000 downloads within the next couple of weeks. Especially, since we expect many people upgrading to release 8.1 once it becomes available, because it will not only introduce new features, but also again improve overall usability and performance.

We also finally updated the Onepoint Project (opproject) and Express4J (express4j) source packages. Sorry guys for the delay, but we have been really busy with some customer projects over the summer; the "summer break" we expected did not really happen. We will try to speed this up for release 8.1 and - as soon as there is some time - we will also re-setup the automatic SVN-update from our internal code repository.


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