Onepoint Report Nr. 18 (Q2/2008)

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Dear Readers!

We had a very active second quarter. We got many new inquiries, great new and interesting customers (including our first reference customer in the US: Safety Kleen) and new partners in the United States, Slovenia and other areas of the world, too (more about this in the next “Report”).

We also got very positive feedback to Onepoint Project 8. Customers are calling it a “major step in the right direction” and “what we have been waiting for”. Today, we will even make it better by releasing our first update to release 8.

Onepoint Project 8 Update 1 does not only fix a number of usability issues and smaller problems, but also extends our flagship product in two important directions:

  1. You can now use mind maps for the early planning phase via our new integration with MindMeister, the award-winning Web 2.0 mind mapping application. This will especially be useful in combination with our upcoming Software as a Service (SaaS) offering that is currently in BETA testing
  2. For the first time, Onepoint Project now features a Spanish translation of our easy-to-use user interface enabling users from Spain and large parts of South America to interact with Onepoint Project in their native language

Last but not least, Onepoint Project was chosen by a high-profile jury to be the winner of this year’s Hagenberg Award for innovation and software quality. We are very proud, since this is the most prestigious award for software companies in Austria.

Updated Onepoint Project 8 Professional and Network editions are available for purchase from our online store today ( Our support team will contact all existing customers on how to get access to the update within the next business days.

Best regards,

Gerald Mesaric, CEO


Onepoint Project 8 Update 1

Normally, we do not include new features in update releases - we typically keep them strictly separated. Of course, there is always an exception to the rule ;-). We had a few practical new features and since they proofed to be already very stable and had only limited potential for side effects, we agreed to ship them already in this update:

  • MindMeister Integration. Import your MindMeister mind maps as project plans by using the “Import” button in the project planning view
  • Spanish Translation. Select “Spanish” as your user interface language of choice in your personal user preferences
  • Enhanced Resource Assignment Editing. Easily edit resource assignments via a new editable table view inside the “Resources” tab of the “Edit Activity”-dialog

In addition, we of course also implemented a number of bug fixes. However, release 8 was very stable, so Update 1 mainly fixes usability issues and other minor problems. The most severe problems that were discovered and fixed were problems when using the “Edit Activity”-dialog for changing resource assignments. In this area, especially usability-wise, Update 1 is a major step forward.

As always: before upgrading, please consult the README.TXT file and backup your existing Onepoint Project repository.


Open Source

Basic/Open Edition Releases

We will try to release the Open Source editions with only a minimal delay to the commercial versions of Onepoint Project. Please take a look at our project news channel for up-to-date information on when Update 1 will be available for download.

Please note that we are releasing all three new functions (MindMeister integration, Spanish translation, improved editing of resource assignments) also for the Basic and Open Edition.

Enjoy the new features and thank you for your ongoing support and feedback!


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