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Dear Readers!

The Onepoint Team is very proud to present you with the most important update we have ever shipped: Onepoint Project 8. Beside more than 100 minor improvements (e.g., "quick time-tracking") it includes many often-requested major features and two brand-new optional modules such as:

  • Document Folders
  • Project Checklist
  • Custom Types & Fields
  • E-Mail Alerts
  • Controlling-Cycle Option
  • Skills Management Option

With Onepoint Project Release 8 we also introduce the "Enterprise Edition" which supersedes the Team Edition and emphasizes the work we have done regarding improving both software quality and reliability of our flagship product. This release is also the first version of Onepoint Project that was 100% finalized in Austria; it also marks the end of our outsourcing contract: All future releases will be completely "made in Austria".

In addition, for the first time Onepoint Project 8 features a completely translated French user interface - thanks to our preferred partner for France and Belgium: ELOSI. Vive la France ;-).

Curious? If I were you I would visit our website today and at least take a look at the screenshots of the new version; or even better, get myself a free 30-day trial license.

Onepoint Project 8 Professional and Network Edition are available for purchase from our online store today ( In order to get a personal quote for the Enterprise Edition, please fill out the contact form at or contact our sales team directly.

Best regards,

Gerald Mesaric, CEO


Onepoint Project 8

The new version of Onepoint Project includes many improvements as well as all bug-fixes that were previously scheduled for release 7.1 Update 4. We strongly believe that this is the most reliable version of Onepoint Project that we have shipped so far.

Before installing or upgrading Onepoint Project you should take a look at the new technical specifications on our website. The two most notable changes are:

  • Support for Oracle 11g (beside Oracle 10g)
  • Support for PostgreSQL 8.3 (please note: PostgreSQL 8.2 is no longer supported)

The reason why we no longer support PostgreSQL 8.2 is that we stumbled across a bug in this version that collided with some of our performance and scalability improvements. If you are currently running Onepoint Project 7.1 on PostgreSQL we suggest that you first upgrade the PostgreSQL database and then Onepoint Project.


Open Source

Basic/Open Edition Releases

Most of the improvements in the open source releases of Onepoint Project 8 are focused on stability, performance and usability. Some of the most important changes are:

  • More intuitive order of tools in the tool-dock (starting with "My Tasks" in "My Work")
  • Improved readability and navigation of editable cells in tables (project planning and work slips)
  • Much more professional look for many tables and charts (e.g., table footers in plan/actual-comparisons)
  • Totally rewritten algorithms for estimating and progress tracking for improving the quality of project resources and costs projections
  • Major changes to the new/edit work slip user interface in terms of usability

We will release the Basic/Open Edition of Onepoint Project 8 on within the next couple of business days.


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