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Dear Readers!

In the IT world the 3rd quarter is typically weak and sometimes even boring, but not for Onepoint - at least not this year. We had a lot of things going on, last but not least because of the new release 7.1 which is probably the most important major update we ever shipped:

  • We released Onepoint Project 7.1 Open and Team editions last week and already started delivery to our reference customers. Basic, Professional and Network editions will be released next week. Don't forget to check out the Solutions section to get a first glimpse on the tons of new features in this release
  • We got orders from a number of new customers, including two new reference customers - more details to follow in the next report
  • We signed on the first reselling partner for the United States (Corra Technology) and we have "hand-shake" agreements with partners for France, Belgium, Australia, Malaysia as well as several new partners for Germany
  • We were present at two events (I-KNOW in Graz and DMS EXPO last week in Cologne) that were both very successful and helped us to increase our visibility in Austria and Germany
  • Finally, we now already count more than 33.000 downloads and made it into the top-100 projects on Sourceforge several times

If you want to meet the Onepoint team in person: don't forget that we will be present at the SYSTEMS tradeshow in Munich, Germany from October 23 to 26 and as a sponsor of the Gartner PPM Summit in Prague in early Devember!

Best regards,

Gerald Mesaric, CEO


Onepoint Project 7.1 Network/Team Edition

The new release 7.1 of Onepoint Project is probably the most important update we ever shipped. It includes a lot of new features that are mainly based on ideas and requirements from our existing and potential customers:

  • Improved project administration with multi-project resources and costs plan-actual comparisons and project pipeline
  • Separation of external and internal hourly rates for calculating not just personnel costs, but also proceeds
  • Fine-granular hourly rates (per resource, per resource and time interval, per resource and project, per resource, project and time interval)
  • Support for an explicit baseline which is used in all plan-actual comparisons
  • Integrated "real" time tracking (in addition to just tracking hours) featuring optional, configurable pulsing
  • Totally redesigned work slips which are much easier to use, allow multiple actual cost positions for each work record and make it possible to attach documents to cost positions (e.g., for adding scanned invoices)
  • Support for document attachments on the project-level
  • Additional practical fields for projects such as probability and priority
  • Many usability improvements such as a more Excel-like table view in edit mode, auto-login in the browser and improved focus handling for Internet Explorer

Want to order the new release or to try it out for 30 days? Send an e-mail to today - we look forward to hearing from you!


Open Source

The multi-user editions of Onepoint Project (Open, Network, Team) feature a new application-programming interface (API) based on the XML-RPC protocol. It is the first step for us to make our software more easily accessible from external systems. The first parts of the business logic that have been opened up via XML-RPC include the ability to get the task list of a specific user and to create new work slips, i.e., for integrating an external time tracking system.

Please note that the API is not yet documented - we will do this as soon as there is a little bit of "time" available ;-). In the meantime, Dieter Freismuth is working on an integration with his time tracking tool "Timmon" and we are preparing a Mac OS X widget for accessing your personal Onepoint task list from Apple's dashboard.


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