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Dear Readers!

It is still early in the year, but there is already a lot going on at Onepoint. First of all, we released Onepoint Project 07 Open Edition and Team Edition a couple of weeks ago and we are about to ship an update which fixes a few problems in the area of document attachments; but even more important, this is the first release which has been tested on Microsoft Vista; more about this in the Solution section.

Onepoint has also grown tremendously as a company in Q1: We have two additional developers in Cluj which brings our Romanian development team up to a headcount of 5. In addition, we hired two people here in Graz who will help me to manage the company: Monika Tschuchnig-Gaisch as Manager Marketing and Dieter Freismuth as Manager Development. In addition, we are looking for a dynamic sales person for the region South-Mid Germany.

Therefore, we also needed more office space which we found at the Hyperwave building, where you can find us on the 1st floor:

Onepoint Software GmbH
Albrechtgasse 9/I
A-8010 Graz, Austria

We are also doing very well in terms of growing our visibility: We had an article about project leadership in the iX Magazin and one about the Open Edition in the T3N open source journal. We were also covered by Computerwoche in December and by ITnewsbyte just a week ago, which in turn brought us new record visits on the Website (which has gotten a slight facelift, maybe you want to check it out?) as well as downloads on Sourceforge.

Finally, our single-user desktop version is taking shape: We released the official beta of Onepoint Project 07 Basic Edition two weeks ago and we are heading for a product launch in April.

Enjoy reading & all the best,

Gerald Mesaric (CEO)


Onepoint Project 07 Open/Team Edition

Release 07 was originally only planned as a Service Pack for 06.1, but since we accidentally put too many features into it, we had to make a release out of it - we hope you don't mind ;-).

For getting a trial version for the new release, please contact us at Registered customers will automatically get access to the new software.

OnePoint Project: Downloads


Open Source

Introducing "Basic Edition"

We already "silently" released a first beta of the Basic Edition based on the 06.1 release in December. This time the beta is an official one and it is based on the most current release (07).

The Basic Edition is a single-user desktop version of the Open Edition, i.e., it features the same functionality, but for a single user and does not require any additional software such as an external database or an application server. The only thing which is needed to run the Basic Edition is a Java Runtime version 1.4.2 or newer.

We will do some additional testing for the Basic Edition in March and we are heading for a final release in April. This will also be the time when we will introduce the commercial "Professional Edition" which will feature all functionality of the Team Edition, but in the same "package" as the Basic Edition.

Time Tracking with "Timmon"

Timmon is an open source time tracking tool which can be used to constantly track your accomplished tasks and working time. It is available from Sourceforge and is the brainchild of Dieter Freismuth, our new Manager Development.

We are currently using Timmon to do a proof-of-concept implementation for our upcoming XML-RPC framework which lets other applications integrate easily with Onepoint Project Open Edition and Team Edition. Both, the Timmon and the Onepoint Project parts necessary for this integration will of course be open source and we will integrate this functionality into the respective next releases of the two projects.


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