Onepoint Report Nr. 12 (Q4/2006)

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Dear Readers!

We are pleased to report that even though the Systems had between 5 and 10% less visitors than in the previous year, it was a very successful event for us: We got some very interesting contacts and extremely positive feedback - especially for our redesigned user interface. In parts we have to thank IBM who did a tremendous job bringing their Breakfast Briefing events to the tradeshow booth.

However, the most important topic of this Report is of course the new release 06.1 which has finally arrived. All customers with support contracts will get instant access to the new software. Everyone else can either download a free copy of the Open Edition from the Sourceforge website, or request a trial version of the Team Edition by calling or e-mailing us. Please note that there is also new collateral available: English and German datasheets, as well as a new user tutorial in English (see the Downloads section).

Finally, we are very excited to announce that the Open Edition did quite well in its first weeks on Sourceforge: After about four weeks online it has been downloaded more than 1000 times and we got our first press coverage in Germany's "Computerwoche".

Enjoy reading & all the best,

Gerald Mesaric (CEO)


Onepoint Project 06.1 Open/Team Edition

The new version Onepoint Project 06.1 is finally here and it comes with a totally redesigned user interface (thanks to Wolfgang Bartelme of Bartelme Design), a lot of usability improvements and quite a few interesting new features:

Resource Utilization Tool

Caution with MySQL

A quick word of caution about MySQL: We recently had the case that two tables which had been regularly backuped and which had not been tempered with had gone suddenly corrupt. Even with the MySQL table repair tools the files could not be rescued. This case may have been just a bad coincidence, but it has still damaged our belief in MySQL's stability.

Since we do not know of any such case with PostgreSQL, we recommend using either this database management system, or a commercial one such as, e.g., IBM's DB2 if you are storing production-level data in the database. However, MySQL is probably still the most easy and convenient way to try out Onepoint Project Open/Team Edition.

OnePoint Project: Downloads


Open Source

From Comments to Open Source

Due to our shift to a "pure" software company we will close down the Comments section and make space for a new section called "Open Source": Here we will outline new developments around the Open Edition and partnerships with other open source projects. We will start in Q1 and tell you about our upcoming integration with an open source time tracking tool.


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